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Meet Jen

Why are about me's so bloody hard to start and why do I feel the need to tell you all about my teenage obsessions and how much I love avocado?!

Hey world, I'm Jen. A 22 year old who fills her university breaks blogging just about anything. I'm studying fashion communication and due to popular belief, I don't just 'communicate about fashion'. Whilst learning the ins and outs of the fashion media world and trying to stay afloat with all of my looming deadlines, Velvet Spring was born. I wish there was a really cool idea behind the blog title, but it was honestly created in a 'fashion blog name' generator, and I've grown to love it. Everything you read on here was crafted with love by either yours truly, or whichever victim I choose to take my style photographs (probably Nathan, what a trooper).
Although I'm not an expert in any way, shape or form. You can expect to see a lot of beauty reviews, fashion posts and probably the odd ramble about my existential crisis' and pressing drama queen problems. I hope you don't find this as about me as embarrassing as I do and decide to follow me because I promise I'm not usually this cringe. Lets be blogging friends!

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