Thursday, 22 February 2018

Shaking up my wardrobe for Spring.

It's official. The daffodils have spoken, Spring is creeping up on us.
Fashion Union BlouseFashion Union Blouse

Yelllloooo, welcome to what's new in my wardrobe, Spring edition. Before I get into the post, can we please make a pact right now that if I ever get a bright idea like taking a set of blog photos in an alley again, to just nip it in the bud. Pronto? Mine and Katies morning was spent looking like a forgotten episode of Friends. With a guy serenading us playing guitar out of his window whilst I'm trying to attempt my best Blue Steel poses. Awkward? Most definitely. 

I know it's not spring yet (technically we're still a month away), but my mind, body and soul are ready for it and I'm going to continue dressing like it is, regardless of how nippy it still is outside. This is one of my favourite times of the year for fashion and I live for the cute cardigans, pretty off the shoulder tops and midi dresses that take over the high street. 

Brand Attic kindly sent me over this  gingham blouse from Fashion Union, which I was on the fence with at first as you probably guessed by my Instagram stories, Milkmaid or cute? Whilst only one of you voted that I looked like a milkmaid (may I add, that one person was a girl from school who I haven't spoken to in a good ten years?) I agree with the rest of you. I love this blouse and it pairs so well with my white mom jeans. 
Fashion Union Blouse
Fashion Union Blouse

FYI, If you haven't heard of Brand Attic, they're an online retailer, kind of like Asos but the mini version. They stock a fab variety of brands like Fashion Union, Glamorous and Vero Moda who always bring out the best affordable pieces for summer so it's definitely worth checking out. 

Can we also pause a moment for bag appreciation? Late last spring I was obsessed with straw bags and I longed for one of the blogger-approved Gaia bags which were way too expensive for my liking. I managed to snag this square one on eBay for an impressive three pounds to fill that straw filled hole in my heart. So imagine how happy I am to see brands like Topshop bringing out inexpensive versions, you can bet your bucks that my Instagram feed come Spring will be full of straw and big smiles from me.

Here's a few of my favourite Spring finds that I've got my beady little eye on. In particular this pastel gingham dress from fashion union and this glamorous midi dress that I just panic bought because I obviously couldn't survive much longer without it.

Have you got anything on your Spring wishlist yet? share them with me and lets be bad shopping influences on each other! Thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

10 Facts about me, myself and I.

Ok, story time. Crack the biscuits open.

About a week ago, my Instagram notifications started to go a little crazier than usual. Obviously I instantly panicked and 'crap, have I accidentally uploaded a photo with my butt cheeks' sprung to mind but, thankfully not. They were in fact notifications from some of my followers nominating me to post ten facts about myself on my Instagram stories.

Instagram is a bit of an odd ball for me.

 I love engaging with people, following new accounts and making my Instagram theme look like a warm cup of tea on an Autumn day (hint hint, you can follow my instagram here). But, I'm more than aware of insta lurkers and people from my hometown that still persist on being my biggest fan from the sidelines. You know what I mean? that creepy guy you were in an A level Philosophy class with who refuses to follow you, but still lurks on your Instagram stories? that kinda thing.

So, I decided to bring the nominations to my blog instead. Because sharing these facts on Instagram felt a little impersonal and my blog is my space where I can write to my hearts content and know people will enjoy reading it. Rather than bothering what the nosy parkers who haven't spoken to me in six years, or the creepy guys have to say on the matter. So without further ado...

Shop Tobi Charlie Top / Asos Ribbed Skirt / Tortoiseshell Earrings 

1. My real name is double barrelled as Jennifer-Leigh, me and my parents only came to this revelation when we came across my birth certificate a few years ago. I honestly felt like I'd been living my life as an imposter. 

2. Did I ever really grow out of an emo phase? probably not. The first cd I ever purchased for myself was My Chemical Romance: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge when I was ten years old. I've grown up listening to them religiously and I remember sobbing into my Pasta King at sixth form when they announced they were breaking up. I'm still salty af about it, go listen to my spotify if you'd like a trip down memory lane.

3. I studied psychology and philosophy at college before I decided to make the decision to go down a creative career path. It was probably the best decision I ever made. My parents were sceptical at first because I scored highly on my GCSE's and there's a lot of industry perceptions about creative careers. I would definitely suggest giving academic subjects a try for a year to see what's right for you. I knew it wasn't for me right off the bat. 

4. I took home the 'best smile' award at my secondary school prom. Which I think is ridiculously ironic now as I'm growing older and my wisdom teeth are pushing my teeth all over the place.

5. I am a self-confessed style chameleon, which I can only describe as merging all of the Bratz doll personas into one. My wardrobe is split into different categories: questionable prints, colours and eye watering clothes. Compared to more subtle, neutral, mumsy clothing like I'm wearing in these photos. Why? you tell me. 

6. I love my own space and spending time with myself. I could lock myself in my room with a coffee machine and a packet of Lotus biscuits and I could be set for days. I think this is probably a downfall for me because I'm a bit of a flaky friend in that sense. I would much rather be sat in my pjs, heating cranked up, minding my own introverted beeswax. 

7. Which brings me nicely into my next fact. I am a pyjama llama. I love them, short, long, fuzzy, thin, you name them - I've got em. They just solve all of my ever pressing problems. Stressed? put your pjs on, nothing to do? well you might aswell get back into your pjs. Who's with me?

8. I've managed to hold down my boyfriend for five years and counting. Five. Whole. Years. I don't know which side deserves a medal more but he's definitely a keeper. Probably him, because he survived my terrible short hair phase. 
9. I'm a Sagittarius, and it's hilariously accurate. My weaknesses are along the lines of very impatient and promising more than they can deliver which is me in a nutshell. One of my supposed likes is off-the-wall theories and I couldn't agree more either. I spend way too much time being sucked into the weird side of You Tube watching conspiracy videos and wondering how I can apply to be part of the illuminati. 

10. I don't wear my hair up because of my huge gaping forehead and my inability to grow a fringe. So, I always wear it down and curled enough to take the impact of my five head away. Though, weirdly enough, I think these photos are possibly my favourite set of blog pictures yet? Who'd've thought it?

Thanks for reading and getting to know me better. Take some inspo from this post and give it a go! 

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Goodbye January Blues

Queue the 15,000th time you've probably heard this this week but January, you have felt like a lifetime. But alas, the wait is finally over and that means we're one step closer to bare legs and ice cream weather. Though getting into the habit of shaving my legs again is probably not ideal. 

(lest we forget that pancake day is around the corner either, hallelujah)
Shop Tobi Polka Dot Dress

Shop Tobi Polka Dot Dress
Whilst I've been busy wallowing in my Christmas chub pity and leaving deadlines til the last minute as per, my baby blog was boxed into a corner. So I thought I'd dust away the ol' Velvet Spring cobwebs and get back into the swing of things just in time for February. So what have I been doing? 

I spent most of my Christmas break finalising deadlines and project work, whoever thought it was a bright idea to give us deadlines over Christmas was the actual devil incarnate. I kept getting pangs of guilt whilst trying to enjoy my yorkshire puddings. But I made it by the skin of my teeth and I'm now moving into my last ever semester as a Fashion Communication student. The sheer thought makes me want to do an excited wee and simultaneously vomit at the same time. 

I also successfully accomplished Veganuary, yes you're hearing right. The self confessed cheese connoisseur turned her back on her beloved, and honestly, I have no regrets. I'm drafting a seperate post talking about my experience and why I've decided to stick to my vegan guns, so I'll leave the juicy bits for that. But, I will say I feel like a new gal and I love it. 

Shop Tobi Polka Dot Dress
Shop Tobi Polka Dot Dress

And, I think thats about it? Thrilling I know. But I'm glad to be back and finally getting back into the ol' swing of things. What blogposts have you enjoyed reading lately? Leave me some links to have a gander. Thanks for reading and putting up with my absences as per usual. 

PS, the lovely Megan from What Megan Wears is responsible for taking these photographs and I 100% think you should give her blog a little read because she's fab, that is all x 

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