Saturday, 11 November 2017

Relaxing with Ren Skincare

Being a fashion student typically consists of me staring at a computer screen for hours on end, or trying to make sense of my frantic handwriting after racing to catch the important bits from a powerpoint slide...
 (if you know, you know) 

Either way, I love running back to my beloved pyjamas and getting ready for those few sacred hours of me-time before the madness starts again in the morning. My ideal regime consists of a Netflix binge, a good old 'wrinkly fingers' kind of soak in the tub, or a sloth on the sofa to contemplate my pressing drama queen problems for a few hours. 
Ren Skincare

Regardless of my usual routines, student life makes it pretty difficult to switch off in the evenings. I almost always get into bed at night and start making a lengthy mental list of all the things I have to do... have forgotten to do... or should probably do right that second. 

If by some miracle that list is empty, then I'm likely keeping myself awake planning my future home interiors and swatching colours in my head. Before I know it, It's 2am and I'm stuck in a Pinterest scrolling frenzy. 

I was generously sent a beautiful PR package from Ren Skincare showcasing their new launch, the Now to Sleep Pillow Spray. Which, may I add, was tucked away inside a gingham box in the most adorable wash bag.

Along with the spray came three little samples of the Night-Time Favourites. Since I find it hard to unwind and get sleepy in the evenings, I couldn't wait to give these a go and finally make use of that extra hour in bed winter has kindly gave us.
Ren Skincare

Admittedly, I've tried a whole bunch of pillow sprays similar to this one, from Neom to This Works, and I can say with confidence that this is by far my favourite. It's got that dreamy lavender pillow spray scent, but it's not too overpowering as it's got a long list of other ingredients *ooooo* like Frankincense and Hops to spice it up. 

I've found in the past that with similar products, the longevity is the issue. I don't want to get in bed to finally unwind and then not be able to smell anything. Ren suggest 1-3 sprays and that's completely accurate as it packs a punch so you can really take the wonderful scent in. 

As for getting a good nights sleep, I can't say it's helped me switch off as I'm crap at it, but I definitely feel a whole lot more relaxed and at ease when it comes to hitting the hay. 

Ren Skincare

Since this has facial has Glycolic acid in it, I was worried my sensitive skin was going to throw a tantrum and low and behold, it did. Although I wouldn't say this was harsh on your skin (a slight tingling sensation, if that). 

Ren suggest using this every 3 to 5 days, but I experienced a few dry patches here and there from that timeframe. This is definitely a staple product to pull out on special occasions, or when you feel like you're in need of a skin revamp. After using this less frequently, it left my skin soft and visibly clearer, even on time of the month days! which is impressive. 

There's something about applying a balm to a dry face that freaks me out and I tend to steer clear of this sort of product. But after biting the bullet and giving it a whirl, I'm a little bit in love with it. The balm melts away the toughest of makeup, even mascara, so effortlessly and the scent is perfect for unwinding.  I know the full sized bottle of this balm will definitely work it's way up the ranks on my christmas list this year. 

This is a pretty bog-standard night cream and it does the job well. I've been lathering this all over my face at nighttime and it smells insane. I'd say it's quite similar to my Lush Enzymion cleanser, but is a lot nicer in terms of the scent. The normal sized bottle of this is £34 though, so it is quite pricey for a standard night cream. 

Overall, I'm completely head over heels with this brand. Everything from the quality of the products down to the cute packaging details draws me in like a sucker. I guess that's my inner-blogger coming out.

(ps, if you feel like giving in to your inner blogger too, every purchase of  & Now To Sleep currently comes with that cute AF bag, you know you want too)


Sunday, 5 November 2017

Life lately..

Jeez, a whole 19 days I've been away. In Blogger measurements, is that not like, forever? 

Whilst I’d love nothing more to tell you all I’ve been swanning around somewhere exotic and fancy, the reality is my absence solely consists of a growing love story between me and my bed. 

I find it pretty difficult at times to keep motivated being a blogger and a full time student, especially when stress makes my mental health pivot back and forth like a yo-yo. 

My way of dealing with tasks is to nail them one by one, which is why this summer my blog really took off, I had nothing else to spend my time on apart from Love Island and Fab lollies so I could really up my game. But now, I’m juggling three different modules at once with stacks of deadlines and extra final year pressure and I'm not afraid to say that I'm finding it a struggle.

The irony is I’m putting off university work by writing this post, and tbh when you’re reading this, my anxiety will be finding some other way to do so again (you should see how spotless our student flat is, I'm a self confessed domestic goddess). 

But I'm not afraid to admit defeat to you lot, especially when I know a lot of you go through the same. It irks me how little is said with regards to mental health at university and I could genuinely chat for hours about it. But your gal is doing okay and I'm taking it one step at a time.

So there you have it; business plans, photoshoots, dissertations, research, you name it, I’m doing it. There’s going to be a freedom shaped rainbow at the end of this tunnel at some point and I cannot frikkin’ wait. Wish me luck! and to any girls who are in the same boat, I feel your pain and you can chat to me about it anytime.

As our beloved Daniel Bedz once said, ‘I gotta get thru this’.

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