Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Lush Newcastle blogger event

A couple of weeks back I was invited by the babes at Lush Newcastle, to the press launch of the new Halloween and Christmas products. Plus a few returning faves (yes to Snow Fairy!)

I literally accepted the invite in a second, as I love Lush and I was keen to see what new products they had in store for us.

Being that the event was a ‘blogger breakfast’ I was up and out super early and ready to get my nose into all the new wonderful smells, normally I’m not a morning person, like at all. But, being greeted with vegan pizza and a bit of bublé playing upon arrival, I perked up instantly. 
Lush Newcastle Event

After meeting a few friendly faces and introducing ourselves, we we’re split into groups so that we could have a little pit-stop at every activity they had planned for us. The first stop was my fave, the bath bombs. We had a few little demos so we could see the new launches in action. 

Two that have managed to sneak on my christmas list (because who doesn't get Lush sets for christmas?) are the Ectoplasm and the Luxury Lush Pud. Ectoplasm is one of the new jelly bath bombs which I haven't had the pleasure of giving a whirl yet. 

The texture was so bizarre, but I love them and they totally remind me of my younger jelly bath days. They also do a Snow Fairy jelly bomb so I will definitely be picking that up sometime soon. 
Lush Newcastle Event

We then had a bash at creating out own  Sunnyside bubble bars, and I honestly think I'm still covered in glitter from my attempt two weeks on. The whole process of making the bubble bars contained just seven ingredients all knead together in one bowl.

I decided to get a lil' creative with my bar and instead of moulding the regular tear shape, I spent ages trying to make a 'J' shape. It's crazy to think that the makers in the Lush factory can create up to 1,000 bubble bars an hour and I was struggling with one! 

Lush Newcastle Event

Overall, I had a Lush day (pardon the pun). The staff were absolutely lovely and I tend to get pre event jitters with this sort of thing but I felt like I was right at home instantly. 

I was also given a super generous goody bag that I'm currently in the process of working my way through, so lookout for a Lush review pretty soon. (definitely including the 9 to 5 cleanser btw, my skin is dreamy)

Have you nabbed anything from the Halloween or Christmas launch?

Thanks for reading and thanks to the  Newcastle Lush Gang for inviting me! 

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Home away from home with Desenio (+ discount code)*

The one thing I hate about moving away from home for university, is kissing goodbye to my cosy little Jen cave and saying hello to bare, ugly student houses.

I've 'ummed and ahh'ed' when it come to how on earth I was going to make my room more 'me' on a student budget, so when Desenio got in touch to collaborate it was kind of a no brainer. I snapped up the opportunity asap, anything to try and cover up those dreaded yellow magnolia walls.

I've lusted after  Desenio's prints for sooooo long, having seen them on Fashion Slave's blog before, they're the perfect, affordable brand to cosy up any home. 
Desenio Prints

Since me and my housemate are now in third year, I decided I'd go for a little bit of a motivational theme with my prints. God knows I need to be reminded there's a light at the end of the tunnel when I'm knee deep in modules and eating all the comfort food I can get my beady hands on.

I had an idea of what sort of colour scheme I wanted to go for as my room is fairly navy and grey. Desenio makes it so soooo easy to create a  gallery wall based on colours and styles. They have the 'perfect pairings' category where prints are matched together and everything is easily organised into sections like 'quotes', 'fashion' etc, so you can find exactly what you're looking for, easy peasy. 
Desenio Prints

I usually buy my frames from somewhere like Wilkos, or even Poundland at times, but their range of frames are ridiculously cheap too. I'm so glad I took the plunge and brought a few  gold frames to bring into the mix because they look so pretty. 

If you're a student like me, your money might be a lil' tight if you're moving into a new house too (those admin fees and deposits am I right?!) but you don't need to spend a small fortune decorating your new pad with Desenio. I mean, some of the prints start from just £2.95.

And to stop you drilling random nails in willy nilly and probably losing that crazy deposit when you move out. I hung my frames with Command Strips, which are super easy to apply and take off and leave absolutely no marks on the walls, what a lifesaver. 
Desenio Prints

Andddd to save you even more dollar, you can get 25% off prints from the 10th-12th October with the discount code VELVETSPRING. (fyi, this doesn't include the handpicked collection or frames). 

So that leaves you with a few extra pennies for a night out or a cheeky pizza, at the same time as having a spanking new instagrammable room, what a win win situation?

Thanks for reading as always, let me know if you'd like to see more of our new pad! x
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This post was created in collaboration with Desenio* 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

My Autumn wardrobe

The second Autumn collections start to arrive in stores, is the second I lose all self control and spend like there's no tomorrow. I live for this time of year, when I can wear boring beige and browns and all things fluffy and oversized without judgements.

Even though everything else seems to fall apart this time of year, my skin typically becomes a dry mess and my weight balloons because I'm drinking sugary hot chocolates and lattes like water, my wardrobe definitely doesn't. 

Missguided Trucker CoatMissguided Trucker Coat

One of my favourite purchases this month is my  Missguided Trucker Coat. The minute I open my Pinterest for a little bit of Autumn inspiration, it's always this style of coat that crops up.

 I managed to nab this whilst they had 30% off, coats tend to be so expensive in Autumn, so I was over the moon to find such a bargain. Even though it's huge, like literally ginormous, it makes a really snuggly, thick staple coat for chilly days. 
Missguided Trucker Coat

I thought I'd throw together a few pages of some Autumn pieces I've had my eye on lately. So if you're not a fan of florals, knitwear and a whole load of dark green and berry shades, I suggest you look away now! 

Thanks for reading x
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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Cya September.

Toodle pip September, god you’ve been a twat of a month.

From being broke AF, domain authority dwindling, having those god awful university wobbles and a bad case of tonsillitis, it’s fair to say I’m glad to see the back of you tbh. 

It’s been that sort of month where everything and anything could possibly go wrong and then some, but you know as my queen Gemma Collins says, the only way is up.

So I’m accepting the crappy lighting in my new uni home, I’m sending all my love to student finance and I’m making more of an effort with blogging and university work. It’s been very quiet on my end lately and this is why. Because realistically, I’ll of just been ranting about how shit everything is and nobody wants to hear that now do they?

But I promise nothing but rainbows and butterflies from now onwards (or should I say pumpkins and bats?)

 I’ve invested in a himalayan salt lamp to get those negative vibes straight outta my way and of course, my favourite time of the year is here. Who could possibly be upset in Autumn when it’s almost Halloween.

Not this gal. Infact, I’m hunting eBay for super tacky dragon memorabilia to make myself a Daenerys costume as we speak. All of this done whilst religiously listening to Bodak Yellow and wishing I was as cool as Cardi B.
As far as blogging updates go, I’ve got a few exciting tings in the works. Including a university haul with Desenio which will include a 25% discount code for you all so keep your beady lil eyes peeled for that one.

I’m also heading to the Newcastle Lush blogger breakfast next week, for a sneaky peek at their christmas and halloween collections and I cannot frikking wait. Lush always create the best seasonal products (snow fairy, I'm looking at you) so I'm over the moon I'm going to have the chance to share a few new launches with you all.

So, now I guess we should talk about the elephant in the room, velour flares? 

It's very rare that I manage more than three photos of an outfit shoot that I don't hate, so I put that down to how much I like this outfit. I suppose a lil' bit of credit goes to the bf for taking them too. I'm also gonna give myself some credit for the fact that my top says 'emotional inferno' because if that aint relevant to this post, I don't know what is.

Weekday are slowly but surely taking over my wardrobe, I'm obsessed, every single thing I own I love. Even though they're just a smidge bit more expensive than typical high street brands, the quality is worth the extra pennies.

I love outfits that make you feel good, but are also cosy enough to double up as a big warm hug, you know?

Here's the outfit deets for you.

Weekday Eve Trousers

Weekday Emotional Inferno Tee

Asos Ruben Leather Boots

Thanks for reading as always. PS, I'm almost hitting the ol' 2,000 mark on Instagram, so if you want to keep up with more outfits etc, please give me a cheeky follow.
 Lotsa love x

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