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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Shoutout to the small bloggers.

This post is dedicated to all the hard working blogger babes killing it at the mo. In particular, the 'smaller' bloggers, who I think deserve a lot more recognition and love. I hate using the term 'small' because being a smaller blogger myself, I feel like we're automatically put in this category of less hard working, less engaging and less impactful. 

Though nine times out of ten, I think I'd prefer to relate to a smaller blogger. 

I want an actual response when I ask where a certain item of clothing is from, I want to read about products I can afford on my student budget and I want to feel like we're not totally miles apart.

So here's a few inspiring girls that totally deserve all the credit they can get. 
p.s ever wondered how bizarre a loose ponytail looks from above? me neither until now ffs.

Sophar So Good

I'm actually quite annoyed at myself for not discovering Sophie sooner as I love sitting down and having a good old read of her blog. Not only does she have the best outfits, she takes a fresh spin on style posts and writes about really interesting topics at the same time. 

I love her originality and she's one of the loveliest girls I've came across on my blogging journey. My favourite post is 'shout out to my legs' as she talks about the struggles of insecurities and I can totally relate. She's a total babe. 

Sonias Style

I think I first came across Sonia when she entered one of my giveaway's many a moon ago and I've been hooked ever since. I love seeing her grow as a blogger and she's providing me with so much style inspo lately. 

I think my favourite post has got to be her latest, 'how to prepare for your winter wardrobe' as she looks amaze, her style is perfect and she's got them pesky blogger poses down to a T (not that I'm jealous or anything).

Velvet Blush

I found this blog purely out of coincidence because we both have velvet as our blog title haha. It's crazy that I don't even know this girls name as she's referred to as Velvet Blush throughout. But she posts so consistently and produces amazing thorough beauty reviews. She just so happens to be an absolute diamond and is constantly supporting my posts too. 

My favourite has got to be the 'diy nail polish rack' as she's crazy talented and I'm real jealous of her diy skills as I literally struggle with everything crafty.

Go show these girls some love as they totally deserve it. Do you have any bloggers you love reading? let me know and I'll check them out! Thanks for reading x 

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