Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Shoutout to the small bloggers.

This post is dedicated to all the hard working blogger babes killing it at the mo. In particular, the 'smaller' bloggers, who I think deserve a lot more recognition and love. I hate using the term 'small' because being a smaller blogger myself, I feel like we're automatically put in this category of less hard working, less engaging and less impactful. 

Though nine times out of ten, I think I'd prefer to relate to a smaller blogger. 

I want an actual response when I ask where a certain item of clothing is from, I want to read about products I can afford on my student budget and I want to feel like we're not totally miles apart.

So here's a few inspiring girls that totally deserve all the credit they can get. 
p.s ever wondered how bizarre a loose ponytail looks from above? me neither until now ffs.

Friday, 1 September 2017

What a year of blogging has taught me

It dawned on me recently that it's been a whole year since Velvet Spring was born. I guess Bloglovin' was too busy stealing my views and not showing my saves to remind me of that milestone, hmm? So technically it would've been a year last month, but I guess that's not too far off. 

I've learned an awful lot about blogging in this time, a lot that I would've loved to of known when I first started out. So here's a few pearls of wisdom from me to you. 
A year of blogging

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