Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Wristwear with Browns Jewellers

'The most photogenic watch, like ever?'

Cluse Rose Gold Watch

Hey lovelies, hope you're having a lovely Wednesday! I've had a little breather from the blogging world lately, but I'm back with a brand new accessories post. Up until recently, I've never really been the type of girl to go out of my way to bother wearing a watch. I've always relied on the old faithful iPhone clock or generally just annoying someone and asking what the time is. But over the past few weeks I've grown to see the beauty in wearing a watch, both for styling and for practical reasons (obv). I think I owe this revelation to brands like Daniel Wellington and Cluse, because they make the prettiest, insta-worthy watches that really add the finishing touches to an outfit.

A couple of weeks back I was contacted by Browns Family Jewellers to review a watch, eek. After having a good old browse on their website I decided to go for the  Clue Rose Gold and Grey 'La Bohème' watch. Though it was such a hard decision to make as they stock some of the best brands to choose from. I don't know what it is about wearing this watch, but I've found that it makes me feel like I'm a total girl-boss who really has her shit together? Even though nine times out of ten, I probably still out of habit check my phone for the time rather than my watch. Having this pretty little number on my wrist really gives off the illusion that I've got my whole life figured out.

The Cluse 'La Bohème Watch in Rose Gold & Grey - Currently on sale at  Browns 

When I first opened the package I squealed with delight. The gold detailing along with the classic white face and suede strap is a blogger combo in heaven. It's been my faithful wrist companion ever since. Even though my style is... lets say colourful and temperamental, the watch is such a staple colour I can get away with matching it around any kind of outfit.

I love that the face is pretty big too, I think one of the reasons why I barely used to bother with watches is because I think some are just so impractical. With my crappy eyesight I need a good, readable watch that I don't have to squint at and cause myself a serious headache. The strap on the 'La Bohème' model is super soft and comfortable to wear which is the best feature. There's honestly nothing worse than trying to type and having a big bulky strap digging at your wrist, so work-wise it's a real practical winner.

Browns Family Jewellers

Browns are a brand that are really passionate about delving into the history of a good old staple watch. As you can see by this little infographic, they always trace back timepiece trends throughout the ages. Which is why the brand stock both vintage antiques to snazzy new age watches, so you have your pick of the whole bunch. From a selection of watches from brands like Cluse, Daniel Wellington and even Rolex, they stock an amazing range of jewellery too. Soooo it's definitely worth checking out their website if you're thinking about treating yourself to some new jewellery. I might be biased, but the Cluse watches are definitely a great place to start, and they're currently on sale!

Thanks for reading and thanks to Browns Jewellers for sending me my favourite new accessory.
J x

Saturday, 15 July 2017

ASOS Summer Wishlist

Asos Wishlist

Happy Saturday guys n gals! since I've not done a post like this in a while and I enjoy having a nosy at bloggers favourites, I thought why not create one for you to read on this gloomy Saturday. I absolutely adore shopping on ASOS, even more so now that there's the option to stack up points and get rewards (which I'm admittedly a little addicted to doing, I don't want to tell you what A-list level I'm on). Everything is usually reasonably priced and I'm loving a whole lot of things lately. Here's a sneak peak of my rather ridiculous saved list. I've took the liberty of splitting things up into categories, just incase you're looking for a particular thing. I know, what an angel I am. I've got a bit of a penchant for animal print lately so excuse me if thats not your thing. I've also decided to include swimwear, even though I've got absolutely no plans to go on holiday this year, just because the swimwear range is sooo good at the moment. Enjoy!





When Asos had a footwear sale a few weeks back, I was scrolling through and opening tabs of the shoes I liked, as you do. Then when it came to inspecting what I'd opened, almost all of the shoes were from the same brand, The March. Who are you and where did you come from because I am literally obsessed with every pair of shoes you've created?! 


The one thing I love about shopping with Asos, is that along with the amazing selection of fashion brands, their beauty game is killing it at the moment. There's so many things I've had my eye on recently in the beauty/skincare category, I'm especially looking forward to trying some of The Ordinary products. 

Thanks for reading! 

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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Boob talk.

Hey you, lets talk about boobs. Big, small, perky, jiggly - we've all got them, right? 

Little Women Lingerie

Since we can all agree to that, I thought I'd tell you about my little epiphany I had a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty bored, scrolling through pr requests (girl better werk) when I came across a lingerie company, Little Women, asking for bloggers to collaborate with. I squealed and proceeded to frantically scribble out a very eager email because I mean, who wouldn't want free lingerie... that's the dream, right!?

When the lovely Belinda got back to me, it suddenly hit me, a huge pang of self doubt like a brick to the face. The truth is, I've been through many stages of love, hate and everything else in between when it comes to having smaller boobs and the body confidence that comes with it.

When I was younger, I felt like it made me less womanly. I used to shy away from boys asking about bra sizes or if I was swimming with friends, I'd buy some sort of push up boost extravaganza contraption and tie the straps real tight so they looked bigger - even if it left me with red marks. I envied my friends that had bigger boobs and felt like I always had to be covered away because I wasn't 'womanly' enough.

But, the way I see it now that I'm growing older and wiser to the media, is that us girls always want what we can't have. You only have to look at that scene with Gabby from Love Island a couple of weeks back to prove that, I sobbed because I knew exactly how she felt. To show how ok I am with my little bubs, I shot these photos... yes, I put images of myself in a bra onto the internet - shocker.

If you've not got huge boobs like me, then you'll know yourself how much confidence this takes. But you know what? Ever since I realised 'bigger is not better' and what I've been blessed with ain't all that bad, I've learnt to love my body a lot more. Maybe you're reading this post because you're lacking a lil' self love too, so I thought I'd write a list for my fellow small boob society friends so we can all finally agree that all of our bodies, regardless of how big or small, are hot af.

Why small boobs are great boobs.

Little Women Lingerie

1. Bra-free errday.

Which is probably my favourite thing about having smaller boobs, letting them free. Running to the shop? no one will bat an eyelid if you couldn't be bothered to pop a bra on. Found a really cute backless dress? No need for strapless bras, just stick on some fancy nipple covers and you're a-okay. 

2. The pretty underwear.

We can wear pretty much any type of lingerie we please. Bralettes, lacy numbers, you name it we can flaunt it. Even on days where we fancy a little boost, shove on a push up bra and you can fake it till you make it. Strongly recommend looking at the Little Women Lingerie selection, everything is stunning. 

3. We're in good company.

Kate moss, Keira Knightley, Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz, the small boob babe list goes on. Try and tell me you don't fancy at least one of them, I dare you. 

4. It's impossible to look slutty.

We can wear V neck ensembles right down to our yin yang if we fancied and still wouldn't look slutty. Which is a perk in itself, as you don't receive any unwanted attention from boob boys. 

5. Sleeping

Back, front, side, belly-flop, you name it - we can sleep it.

Thank you so much to Little Women Lingerie for sending me these beautiful pieces and inspiring me to share this post with you all. Little Women specialise in beautiful lingerie specifically tailored for girls with smaller boobs. They're affordable, gorgeous and everything down to the packaging was a dream to receive and I can't wait to build up my collection. Thanks for reading girls, I hope it's helped you even in the teeniest of ways. x

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Summer Florals

Boohoo Floral Tiered Dress

I guess this post would rightly be called 'bloggers made me buy it' because once I saw this  Floral Tiered Boohoo dress on Megan Ellaby, it was love at first sight. I've been waiting for the perfect moment to wear this dress so I can finally get some ok-ish outfit posts. I miss sharing my style with you, but the weather is very temperamental these days! As luck would have it, yesterday the sun was out and it was glorious so I went on a journey to try and find some pretty places to shoot.
Boohoo Floral Tiered Dress
Boohoo Floral Tiered Dress
Boohoo Floral Tiered Dress

If you don't put it one dorky photo you're not doing it right, right?!

I love the colours of this dress, it's literally me personified in dress form. The pretty nude pink and coral tones are a nice match for my skin and my current hair colour. I say current because who knows what colour it is at the moment, I'm currently in hair limbo deciding what to do next. Even though I think this dress is a little pricey as far as normal Boohoo prices go, costing £32. The quality is great, it fits really well and I know I'm going to get my wear out of it.

Have you bought any summer staples lately, what would you recommend? Thanks for reading, stay tuned this week as I have a few exciting posts planned. 

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Monday, 3 July 2017

L.A Girl Pro Collection

Do I dare go as far as saying that this is my new favourite makeup brand, like ever?! 
L.A Girl Pro Collection

Ever since I saw Carli Bybel contouring with these Pro Concealers, I've been meaning to try out L.A Girl Cosmetics. I don't know about you, but I immediately think that if a beauty product is fairly cheap, it's probably going to be a bit crap or look absolutely horrendous on my skin. So initially, I decided they weren't going to be for me. But, after seeing the brand pop up so much lately I decided to go out on a limb and purchase a few items. I mean, all of these products came to £27 POUNDS in total. Where else would you be able to buy a foundation, setting spray and two concealers for that kinda money?! I knew if I didn't like them, at least it hasn't cost an arm and a leg that I would be crying over.

I decided to try two of the  L.A Girl Pro Conceal Concealers, one in the shade Porcelain and one in the shade Yellow. The Banana shade in my Anastasia Cream Contour palette is my total ride or die, but it can get pretty expensive - especially when they STILL don't do single refills, so whenever I run out it's a whopping £40 - yes Anastasia, I'm calling you out gal. So I thought I'd try the yellow concealer as a cheaper dupe for all my contouring needs as the colour was fairly similar, and then I bought porcelain as a regular concealer.

These concealers are genuinely insane, they are so creamy and blend so well even though they're very pigmented as you can see by the swatches. I've been using the porcelain concealer to cover up blemishes before my foundation and it's my new favourite. Then the yellow concealer has been sharpening up my cheek contour and brightening my under eyes on top of my foundation. The colour works just as well as ABH Banana, just £35 cheaper! The tubes are a little annoying, I feel like I personally don't really get on with the brush applicators as I can't control how much product I'm going to use. But I mean for £5.00, I think I can live!
L.A. Girl Pro collection

This foundation though is by far my favourite find. Before I go into it, I admit - I'm a foundation snob. I always assume that the more expensive a foundation is, the less it will break out my face or cause me problems etc, etc. But I've been wearing this £11 foundation daily for a week now and I can't believe how blind I've been. Like seriously, I wore this foundation on a boozy night with the gals a few days ago, I woke up and lost my purse but my foundation was still amazing! If that isn't a praise I don't know what is! 

The shade I bought, Nude Beige comes up and sets a lot darker than the foundations I usually wear, but I've been brightening it up with my concealers and a little powder and it works great. The coverage is unreal and you get so much for your money. With other foundations I wear, like Sheer Glow, I use around 3 pumps to get an even base. You can basically cover all of your face in this heavenly formula with just one pump. Honestly girls, if you suffer from oily skin like me and don't like a full matte look then this is the foundation for you. It leaves your skin looking semi-dewy but not totally greasy and doesn't settles into pores. 

Then lastly, the L.A Girl Pro Setting Spray. You're probably thinking 'God, surely she's going to moan about one thing at least?' but, you're wrong. Sorry lol. This setting spray is sooooo good. Forget, Mac Fix+ and Urban Decay All Nighter - A £6 setting spray beats them both. This spray has a cooling effect so it feels super refreshing and comes out as a light mist, which I love. It really gets the job done, as I said before, I woke up with my makeup pretty much still intact and I think it's down to this spray. Although, I do wish they sold a bigger version of the bottle as it's tiny. But, It's super easy to just pop in your bag at the same time.

I'll definitely be trying more of the L.A Girl range, have you got any favourites? Thanks for reading! 
P.S, there's still time to enter my  giveaway! x

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