Saturday, 22 April 2017

Blogging Insecurities.

Blogging Insecurities
Blogging InsecuritiesBlogging Insecurities

Right off the bat I have a pretty good sense that this post is gonna be a long one at that. So if you're in for the long run, go put the kettle on and come back with plenty of custard creams to tide you over. Or if you want to just appreciate the sheer joy on my face eating that beautiful scone at the Great British Cupcakery months ago, then by all means... now is your time

As you're reading this I'll be either be halfway through deadlines stressed to the nines with a glass of Blossom Hill, or I'll be extremely proud of myself for not leaving everything last minute. Probably the latter, probably still have wine either way. (Sorry I've been away for a while, I'm busy with deadlines as you can guess).

When I first started blogging I wanted to introduce myself properly - but I was always way too nervous. I was terrified of someone from home catching wind of what I was doing and telling everybody else and the whole thing was enough to put me off for quite a long time. I live in a small town, I've got a bunch of wonderful people in my life but the thought of someone reading this from my old school or somebody I work with used to make me want to vomit. For a brief period of time I decided to create a separate Instagram and went by a hilarious name that I'd never repeat again, just because I was so scared of opinions, imagine that! 

Fast forward a few months and a few 'fuck it' moments later, Velvet Spring was born. Don't get me wrong, there's still things I wish I had the balls to do, I'd love to start my own YouTube channel but even now almost one year later the thought of somebody watching my videos, analysing my every move just totally freaks me out. I actually created one once and I was super proud of it, then my grandma *biggest fan* shared it on her Facebook page and I deleted it in seconds without a trace. And honestly, I know that there's still going to be a bunch of people who will give it the 'lol look at Jen, thinking she's a blogger' but that just doesn't phase me anymore, I'm proud of what I do! 

It's those little moments that I love most about blogging. It's the baby steps along the way that help you become the blogger you are. If you'd of told me a year back I'd be working with some of my favourite brands and actually attending blogging events by myself I'd of asked if you were feeling okay.

Don't get me wrong and I'm sure we all know at times it's overwhelming. You only have to mention the words SEO and Analytics to me and my brain goes into meltdown mode and I find myself reading blogging tips for hours. But it's so worth it, I've met bloggers who are nothing but lovely and it's that kind of community that will always encourage me to keep my butt in gear and do what I love. Shoutout to Curly and Wordy, It's Lauren Victoria and Pint Size Pixie.

So, to round off a very wordy and nothing but good vibes post...
 I'm going to admit a few home truth 'blogger mishaps' here:

I leave bobbles around my wrists that ruin good photos / I almost always have chipped polish / my hair is pretty straw-like because I switch up my colour like there's no tomorrow /  I'll have a blob of mascara somewhere around my eyelids without a doubt because I'm bloody useless at applying it / I'm adamant my face is wonky and it makes me very self-conscious so you'll never see a front-facing photo. But it's okay, I'm an imperfect blogger and that's exactly the way I want to be!

Thanks for reading, J x

Friday, 7 April 2017

How I Colour My Hair.

Warm Mahogany Colour Vibe
Warm Mahogany Colour Vibe

Hey peeps, happy Fri-yay. Sorry it's become a little quiet on my end, I've had a bit of a stressful week, you honestly couldn't write my life at times I tell ya. If anyone's looking for a clumsy / stressful / forgetful lead role for a very boring sitcom, hit me up.

Today's post comes as a bit of a unusual one for me,  I don't think I've ever posted about my hair. Like ever. It's literally my prized posession so even I'm shocked at that (even though it's in absoloute desperate need for a trim, please don't judge me bcos I'm judging myself trust me)

As you all probably know from my endless amount of selfies on instagram, I like to experiment with my hair quite a fair bit. Around half of my hair is bleached blonde, because I had a very long, boring, ombre look for quite some time. I grew tired of that look pretty much instantly and then realised blonde is an absolute bugger to cover up. So nine times out of ten, whenever I dyed over my hair everything was peachy dandy for a few weeks and I'd wake up one day and boom, the blonde was back.

So rather than relentlessly dyeing my hair until it's all gangly and straw-like, I've been scouting for ways to rejuvenate the blonde and make it a little more vibrant. Thank god for Colour:Vibe. The hair fairies over at Colour Vibe have miraculously found a way to keep my hair looking beautifully vibrant and it's so simple to use - even an idiot like me can do it. 

Colour Vibe
Warm Mahogany Colour Vibe
These clever little bottles of hair dye act as a shampoo so you can cleanse, tone and care for your hair in your normal hair routine. I've currently been switching between  Warm Mahogany and  Warm Copper Gold to ensure my colour stays vibrant, it's sort of like a "your hair, but ten times better" moment I'm currently in the middle of. I get so giddy when it comes to washing my hair and giving it a blow dry to see the results because it's so instant.

Admittedly, at first I was sceptical, but after building up the colour through several uses I started to notice a huge difference and since it's only £2.99 a bottle, It's such an inexpensive way of colouring your hair. Not only that, I was so sick and tired of ruining my hair through bleach and poor colourants that it's so refreshing to be using a dye that's kind to my hair as it colours, since it's free from ammonia, peroxide and all that nonsense.

Thank you so much to the lovely Niamh at BrandNation for letting me test your wonderful products, I'd honestly recommend them to anyone in need of a colour boost! 

What's your vibe? Thanks for reading! X 

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Pretty and Pink.

Happy April Fools day! eee can you believe how much I'm posting lately?! who would of thought that I'd finally find my blogging motivation smack bang in the middle of all my looming university deadlines.

In the gap fillers between trying to wrap my head around Trend Forecasting or when I've simply had enough of screaming at Photoshop waiting for a PR miracle to happen, I've been snap happy with some outfit shots. It's not a myth when people use the 'Student Life' phrase, believe me, being a broke ass student can be pretty tight at times, especially when it comes to clothes shopping.

That being said, I sometimes like to give myself the illusion that I have tonnes of money and buy pretty things just to feel sassy for a few moments before reality kicks in and back to the post office it goes. But in the midst of all this I thought I'd start to share some of my favourite affordable outfits with you all a few times a month, just incase you're in the same position as me because, you know... #studentlife.

I know some of you will be saying damn girl, just get a job! Believe me, I tried a job for a few weeks - juggling a full time degree in Fashion Communication with four individual modules on the go at once and then standing behind a chocolate counter thinking about uni work really didn't bode well. So I chose the poor life.

So without further ado, this Pink Oversized T-Shirt Dress at £7.99 is a steal. It's a gorgeous shade of pink and it's pretty versatile, I've worn this with a black turtleneck under and some tights and Converse for a colder day. Then like so, I just team it with my favourite denim jacket and a pair of battered Converse and the jobs a good one.
The only bummer about Bershka is they don't offer Student Discount at the mo, but with free delivery and free returns and the prices are pretty cheap regardless, I don't really mind all that much. Have you got any wardrobe staples from Bershka or do you recommend any cheap websites? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, J X

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