Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Valentines edit.

Can you believe we're almost at the end of January? christmas seems like yesterday. Though, with the end of January creeping up on us it's time for us guys n gals to get excited about my favourite day of the year - vday. This year in particular is pretty damn special for me because it signifies that me and nath have managed to tolerate each other for a whole four years!!!!! I feel so old and weird saying that, time really does fly by when you're having fun. Rather than being super mushy because I can guarantee you probably won't want to hear it, I just thought I'd tell you all I'm off to PARÌ! Nathan surprised me for christmas and I'm so excited.

Paris is by far my favourite place on the entire earth (so far) so to share this experience with Nath is going to be pretty great - I'm sure I'll keep you all updated. On another note, how fitting is this cute little makeup bag? It's like the  Lifestyle Blogger Company telepathically guessed I was off to Paris, I love it and I can't wait to carry my bits and bobs in it. 

More to the point, I thought I'd put together some of my favourite gift ideas. Traditional flowers are a cute gift but for my fellow bblogger and fblogger gals out there.. there's some really adorable limited edition (perfectly instagrammable) gifts you can get especially. Including this  Paul and Joe blush gift set. How CUTE. If any of you know me and listen to my ramblings, you'll know how much I love cats.. and coincidentally the colour pink - so I obviously had to have it, look at that little face brush too, i can't bare to use it!

So ladies, if you want to subtly shove this in your partners face or give a few cheeky hints thats totally fine by me, or if you're single AF and feel like treating yourself because why the hell not. I hope you every single one of you has a wonderful Valentines day, I can't wait to share mine with you all.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

A natural look with Sleek Makeup.

Happy first beauty review of the year to me! and it's a bloody good one. Sleek are a brand that I'd never really delved into until I was at a festival this year and my friend saved my life borrowing me her contour duo. Since then I've always kept an eye on the brand, so when I seen this 'Box Of Tricks' offer at half price in Boots at the boxing day sales, I quickly snapped it up without hesitation. I was so excited when I opened it!

The box holds my beloved face contour kit (having more than one is always good), the blogger favourite Solstice highlighting palette, a Vintage Romance eyeshadow palette good enough to give Anastasia Beverley Hills a run for their money and much more. There's only one product I wouldn't use in this box, which is the Twist Up liner.. but that's only because I can't apply eyeliner for the life of me - it's still a great product, I'm just useless.

I was gonna swatch the whole box and give a run-through but I'm tired of just swatches, I for one always want to see the products actually on somebody's face, rather than a really long colourful arm, so I decided to create a natural look that I'd wear day-to-day. My base is Mac Studio Fix and I've prepped my face with Laura Mercier primer and used Mac Fix to keep everything together, but besides that everything on my face came out of this little box which i think is quite spectacular. 

Voila. I'm impressed! the highlighting palette in particular is my now my favourite. I can't fathom how much I love these products considering they're so inexpensive. I never ever wear powder bronzers as I've used my Anastasia contour kit for so long I'm used to creams - yet Sleek's contour duo blends effortlessly and it's the perfect shade to add some definition to my face. I'm also a sucker for a good red shade as some of you may know, so you can imagine how happy I was that I managed to get one in this box. Have you ever tried anything from Sleek you'd recommend? I need more! 

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Limited Edition NYX Eyeshadows.

If you read my advent calendar post last year (feels creepy saying that), you'll know that i was lucky enough to snap me up the nyx advent calendar. Inside held 12 of the soft matte lip creams (i'm pretty obsessed with all of the shades) and there was 12 mini eyeshadows too. 

Before I go off on one though, what is up with advent calendars only going to 24 now?! since when has this been a thing! 

Anyway, the whole theme of the calendar was titled 'Wanderlust' and both the lip creams and the eyeshadows were given fancy city names such as 'Prague' and 'Cannes'. Annoyingly, these eyeshadows seem to of just been named to match the title of a lip product and they're a limited edition thing because I can't find any of them anywhere online.

As you can see, the eyeshadows are in little pretty identical book packaging which makes them a nightmare to travel with, what am I supposed to do when I'm travelling.. pick up a few mini books and hope for the best? like c'mon help a gal out here! they were clearly not made to be de-potted either as i really struggled to get the pans out of the books and once i'd tore my way through it was just sitting in sponge haha, so that's a bit of a disappointment. But pigment and longevity wise I'm pretty impressed with the eyeshadows and the variety i got in my calendar. 

Shades left to right: milan, morocco, manila, stockholm and rome

These are the shades included that I'd tend to buy to wear for an everyday look. Nyx have managed to include a gorgeous mix of burnt neutrals and shades like Rome have a little shimmer in them too which I always look for because I'm obsessed with glittery everything. I wore a mix of Stockholm and Rome recently in my instagram story and I loved it, I'll upload an image to my instagram soon to show you all. Being a limited edition advent it really makes me sad that I've managed to fall in love with a product so easily, I'm going to guard these shades with my life.

Shades left to right: monte carlo, addis ababa, cannes, prague and seoul.

Aaaand these shades are the pretty much untouchables with a few honourable mentions. Honestly, if i was such an eyeshadow girl (which i'm not, I bought this for the lippies mostly) I'd probably be overjoyed by the variety of colours in this. But I really stick to what I'm comfortable with, so even though I loved the metallic sheen on Cannes and the glitter pigment in Monte Carlo, these are going in my 'for a rainy day or maybe halloween' drawer. The last two shades prague and seoul are admittedly colours I would like, but the pigmentation was pretty poor as you can see, I could barely get a photograph. 

Though overall, I've enjoyed this advent calendar. I'm separating these posts into two because I know they can get lengthy and boooooring.. but even with the lip creams alone I'd of been happy. It just so happens that there's a few eyeshadows in this calendar that I love too. Did you get any beauty calendars you've been particularly fond of? let me know in the comments! thanks for reading x 

Thursday, 5 January 2017

2017 Resolutions and me.

I opened my beloved Kate Spade planner fresh for 2017 this week and I've decided there are a lot of things I'm going to be improving this year. It aint just willy nilly stuff like 'don't eat as much chocolate' or 'limit your netflix hours'.. some real spiritual, get your life together god damn jen stuff u know. I don't know about you lot but once I write things down, I feel like it's firmly cemented in my brain. That means that if I don't stick to any of my resolutions, I'm going to feel a pang of guilt everytime I do something naughty because it's wrote down.. on my blog.. for everyone to see and judge - forever.

So what better way to sadistically force myself to get my shit together than sharing all of my resolutions with you all? there's no time like the present so lets read them off one by one.

1. socialising.

i know some of you will look at this and be like.. are you crazy? why would that be a resolution? but honestly - my anxiety has me hiding behind a closet-type socially backwards these days, so much so that i have spent the latter of christmas break tucked up in bed binge-watching gilmore girls. as much as i argue that this is a fantastic way to spend my life, i also notice my friends are dwindling. i'm not spending time with anyone and i'm becoming a crazy dog lady way before my time. so number 1; make a reasonable effort to be friendly, even if it kills me.

2. go veggie.

this is a resolution i've been wanting to try for some time now, but with my diet requirements i've always just assumed if i do go vegetarian i will physically not be able to eat anything. but after several hours of vegan blog stalking and searching for nice recipes, i've decided to give it a go. my initial resolution is to go veggie for all of january - but if i enjoy it (which i hope i do) i'll stick at it. i only have to watch a few peta videos anyway and i'm practically put off meat for life. i'm not going to be the gal to read off lots of statistics about meat consumption and the effects it has on our planet but it is shocking, even from someone who has ate meat all of her life. go check it, you'll be surprised. 

3. be confident.

now this is a long shot, i know. but i hold back so much with blogging because of what other people may or may not think. there's been times when i know fine well that instagram really can pull in more audience, but i've been so scared of what people think and what people are reading my ramblings that i don't tend to do anything. the same with university too, i've been there almost two years and I'm sure my tutors don't even know my name which i feel like could be affecting my potential a little. i definitely need to step it up and I'm going to push my butt to do so.

4. be a kiera knightly.

i think this resolution has the potential to be everyone's resolution but it's definitely mine. i've put on so much weight over christmas i sit upright and giggle at my chub rolls. i struggle with my weight and i think my metabolisms definitely to blame which means i have to work extra-hard if i want to see any results but i'm determined to get my shit together. once i head back for the new term at university I'm going to rejoin the gym and hopefully with my new plant diet i'll be swooning in no time. 
5. see the world more.

i have well and truly caught the travel bug. i know this resolution really will only succeed if i have money (which i can assure you, I'm certainly living up to the broke student stereotype) but 2016 was a great year for travelling. i went on my first holiday away with my boyfriend to ibiza, and i travelled to benicassim and barcelona with my friends. with a trip already booked to paris in a few weeks, courtesy of my lovely boyfriend. i've got real high hopes for 2017.

have you got any resolutions your setting yourself this year? lemme know! 
thanks for reading x 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A letter from me, to you.

2017 is the perfect excuse for a reflection and a little confession, right?

As i sit here, slumped in bed on a Tuesday afternoon, I start to panic about the lack of posts and Instagram photos lately and I frantically try to jot down a few ideas. Then I get all sad and mopey and put my phone away.

Truth is, I've not really cared much when it comes to my blog lately, nor have I cared much about anything. I treated myself to a new blog design, stalking Etsy for hours for the perfect one in the hopes of that giving me some sort of motivation - yet, I can't find the will to be happy about it. - I hope you lot like it though??? it's definitely something different.

I'm practically a walking advertisement for stress relief, I'm having sleepless nights worrying about university. It's come to that time in the dreaded university span where I'm unsure if i'm doing the best that I can. Or which career path I'm going to take afterwards, and if I can get a career in industry at all. I mean, I've not really had the best results this semester and I'm really not used to not doing well. I know this sounds very naive and snobby but I'm not, so it's a huge spike to the system to me.  

Sprinkle these thoughts into a huge pot of anxiety I'm already swimming in (thanks christmas flab) and you can measure how I'm feeling right now. Being home and having next to no worries does nothing for my comfort eating either I'm telling ya! Whoever thought christmas chocolates were a good idea we're definitely trying to ruin my figure.

Anyway this post is a complete fresh start - a true sin confession. A chance to knowingly hold my hands up to you all, regardless of whether you care or not, and say that I've not been okay - but admitting is the first step (thanks kanye) and I'm getting back on track. With a few planned 'me-time' days and a whole lot of resolutions to keep me busy, I'll get my mojo back in no time.

I'd also like to take this time to thank you all for the love in 2016, I never dreamt I'd ever get this far with blogging, I still remember the days where I'd feel so disheartened at my 11 followers but I never gave up, and now here I am with all of you and I'm so glad you've gave me this platform, so I can rant to my little hearts content and feel like I could be reaching some of you. 

Love Jennifer x 

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