Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The 21st birthday post

Happy majorly belated birthday to me! I turned 21 nine whole days ago and so far I can tell you the beginning of my 21st days have consisted of slothing out and binge watching Gilmore Girls. I always thought when I was younger that 21 seemed so old, but now I'm here and I still feel like a kid. I still get excited over Grinch-themed knickers and Disney pyjamas. Anyway, since finishing all of my deadlines I've picked up Blogmas again, I know I'm the worst blogger. But I promise I'm going to try my butt off to get some posts out. This whole time whilst I've been vegging out I've really tried to get my act together but this winter lighting is ridiculous to work with I tell ya!

Here's some little things I got for my 21st. I don't want to include it all, especially the makeup because I'm going to do little individual posts about some of the things I love, so I thought I'd preview some cute little gifts. I've been absolutely spoilt this year, I can't thank everyone enough for the birthday wishes and I had the best time swanning around Newcastle dressed as a christmas fairy! (If you've seen my Insta, you know).

First things first, is a gift I actually bought myself hahaha, to me love me. I wanted this Zara coat for way too long and I was scouring the internet for weeks trying to find someone selling it. Anyway long story short, I found it on eBay. I was sceptical at first considering it took so long to come and it was a third of the retail price, but it's here! it's beautiful and it's completely a Zara. I can't wait for the weather to perk up to take some outfit pictures wearing this, I feel like a true hustler.

Next is the viv bag of my dreams, I've loved this bag from since I can remember and I was lucky enough to receive it for my birthday, so if you're reading this, thanks fam. It's the perfect size for all of my bits and bobs and the snake print gives it a slightly versatile edge. I'm just saying that because I know how ridiculously girly it is but I don't care haha, I love me a heart shaped bag. I've worn it out a few times since I've got it and I know it's never going to leave my side now, the ever growing bag obsession continues.

Next up is the Nasty Galaxy book by Sophia Amoruso, or the #Girlboss author if you know, you know. This book is beautiful, it's filled with perfectly instagrammable pages so my flat-lays will never suffer again. Besides that, it's fore worded by Courtney Love and it's a sneak peak into Sophia's life. Even her apartment and her obsession with Siouxie Soux, I'd definitely recommend checking it out, it's gorgeous. So, if you're reading this also, thanks Keels lol.

I very cleverly snook my boyfriend into Jo Malone last time I was in Fenwick's because I was dying to try some of their colognes. I fell in love with the Wood Sage and Sea Salt scent because it smells so edible, it's literally like bathing in salted caramel but not in a sickly way, in a heavenly way. Little to my knowledge, Nathan actually managed to remember which scent I loved and sneakily bought it for me for my birthday. His logic behind it was 'I remembered their was wood in it, so I just went with that'. Haha, luckily he got it right! It's amazing. I want to wear it everyday but it's so bloody expensive, I'm savouring it for special occasions. 

Lastly, what would a birthday be without a good old pair of cartoony knickers and shit-tonnes of bath bombs? Haha, kudos to my housemates for picking up on the fact that I love the Grinch (I probably mentioned I wanted to watch it endless amounts mind). I've already cracked open two of my bath bombs too, the run-up to christmas I always end up smelling amazing.

I hope you're all having a lovely festive time! Love J X

Sunday, 4 December 2016


You know when the weather and lighting is crappy, your eyes are looking worse for wear because of deadlines and yet you still take outfit pictures because you love it the outfit too much? Sames. I was over the moon waiting last week for Zara's Black Friday to arrive. I was refreshing the page from 10:30 and luckily the site opened ten minutes before it was supposed to so I managed to bag a few of the things I was lusting after - including this tartan dress. Now, I'm a petite gal (same height as bruno mars might i add) so I was sceptical about Zara's midi dress sizes. When I first got this dress I showed my housemates and they were practically in hysterics because it looked so ridiculous, it practically drowned me. Though, pairing with a trusty Primark belt and folding it over a notch it's the perfect height for a pretty simple winter outfit.

My apologies for the quality of these photos, but then again, you can't really expect much now that we're well into winter (7 days till I'm 21, just saying). After taking these photos I also realised how much I really want to change my hair colour haha. I feel like whenever it's winter I'm always obsessed with darker hair - I don't get it. I spend months trying to get the perfect blonde shade and the minute I get a little cold it's like bam - back to brunette. Who knows, the next time you see a photo with my face in I'll have a complete different hair colour!

Thanks for reading! J x

Thursday, 1 December 2016


Well hello there December! You've came by so quickly. How the hell am I 21 in ten days.. I still feel (and act) like a 14 year old at heart - I'm petrified! Being a christmas baby I always look forward to this time of the month and I've quite clearly went a bit mental on the advent calendars this year. I thought what better way to introduce Blogmas with a preview of what I got under the 1st of December doors today, I was so tempted to rip open all of the doors on both calendars - I can't contain my excitement. 

Lets be realistic here, I'm not a major blogger. I'm a pretty lazy blogger, I don't stick to schedules and if I tried to blog everyday I would probably have a mental breakdown by the time christmas arrives. That being said, my version of Blogmas is just little old me trying to knock a few more posts out than usual haha - so stay tuned! 

Anyway, my first calendar I received was the Johnny Loves Rosie gingerbread advent - how adorable is this packaging? too cute. Behind the first door was a pair of gorgeous emerald studs, I'm obsessed with dark greens and burgundy shades when it comes to christmas so these are a perfect pair. On the back of the calendar there's a sneaky preview of the jewellery you can receive in the advents and I can't wait to get my hands on it all. If you want to see the earrings up close, follow me on instagram and have a peek at the unboxing on my story today.

Gingerbread Man Advent Calendar - £27.50 - Link here.

This advent in particular is on sale for £27.50 at the mo too. Considering you get a different piece of jewellery behind each door thats basically almost a £1 per item! Go treat yourself girls or pop one on your christmas list and hint on to your boyfriends, for that price you'd be rude not too.

The second advent is the calendar my boyfriend bought me as an early christmas present, 10 boyfriend points for him. I'm obsessed with Nyx soft matte lip creams and this advent holds 13 lip creams and 12 eyeshadows - how exciting! This one was a little pricier, coming in at £60. But for the amount of products you receive I think that's pretty reasonable. Behind the first door today was the gorgeous Monte Carlo shade that I've been lusting after for quite some time so you can imagine how happy I was to open that door this morning.

Nyx Advent Calendar - £60 - Link Here.

As you can see by the swatch, Monte Carlo is the perfect berry shade for winter and I can't wait to have pretty red lips this christmas. I wonder what other shades are in this box, the suspense is slowly going to kill me off. I hope you're all having a perfect start to December today and I can't wait to read some of your Blogmas posts.

Have any of you got any other advent suggestions? I'd love to know!
Thanks for reading, J x

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