Sunday, 30 October 2016


You know that feeling when the weather gets a little colder, the nights get darker and the one thing you wish you could do is wear pyjamas outside? wellllllll all my prayers have been answered with this Pull&Bear jumpsuit, I honestly feel like I'm wearing a blanket and it's heavenly. I mean, with pockets that deep the only logical thing to do is stuff them with biscuits on a lazy day and the baggy style can perfectly disguise my food baby at all costs - obviously I'm thrilled.

I feel I should've titled this post "Jen also went to Primark and got lots of bargains" because that's quite literally it. My leopard print turtleneck was £3, my pink denim jacket was £4 and I was also amazed to find these shoes to be honest, they were only £5! I've worn them pretty much everyday this past week and they're so comfy - I went to a house party a few days ago and someone asked if they were the Rihanna Puma shoes, lol - nope, just good old Primark. 

Since I'm starting to get slapped in the face with deadlines left right and centre and now working in my spare time I think the blogfront is going to be quite a challenge to keep up with but I shall make it my priority to squeeze a post once a week - even if it's just me talking about how ready I am to quit uni or how I hate the sight of gingerbread men now. 

Thanks for reading as always! 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Sunkissed Moroccan Escape Ombre Lips - Link here.

A few weeks back I woke up with an inbox full of blogger mail and an exciting message from Sunkissed Cosmetics. Honestly, I wasn't even aware of the amount of beauty products they actually stocked, I only recognised the bronzer and false tan (which is my favourite false tan ever now, I'm a Sunkissed convert). Anyway, I was asked if there was any products I'd like to try and being the lip fanatic I am I chose this set from the new Moroccan Escape range. It's actually an ombrè lip kit, but I didn't choose it for that purpose, I just loved the range of colours it had as I always go for pinks and reds. That's not to say that I didn't try the ombrè look though, but my makeup skills aren't exactly the best and even though there's a handy step-by-step I just looked like I'd been eating something and slopped my lippy everywhere, lol my bad.

Anywhoo, I've been simultaneously wearing these colours non-stop since I received the kit, I genuinely love them! The lighter pink is perfect for a during the day subtle look it reminds me of Mac Pink Plaid, the deep red is a gorgeous shade for fall and the other pink is the perfect bright shade for jazzing things up at night. Slightly annoying that these colours don't have names but never mind, I guess you'll understand which colours are which by the photographs.

I'm not a gloss person, I never have been, I don't like the texture and since I always wear my hair down due to the fact I have a giant head it doesn't really work in my favour, the minute there's a slight breeze my hairs covered in goo. Since I never buy or try them, I've never actually seen myself wearing gloss in a long time and I surprisingly love it. I think I'm a little bit of a gloss covert after trying this kit - the two shades are both fairly similar pinky nudes but I will definitely be wearing these again.

La look 1. Bright Pink

La Look 2. Deep Red

La Look 3. Light Pink

La Look 4. Gloss

Sorry about the lighting in these photos, every time I try and take face pictures they end up so out of theme they barely ever make the cut! Anyway, Voila! For an incredibly affordable price of £8.50 (that's £1.70 per item!) I'm impressed. The longevity is great, doesn't completely come away when you're eating and I love the shape of the crayons - it makes it super easy to apply. The only thing I would say is that they are quite fragrant and I know this isn't to everyone's taste. On first impressions, I was quite hungover when I opened the package and they smell a lot like Sambuca/Liquorice - which wasn't great.

However, I've leaned towards these products more than my beloved Mac lipsticks and that's saying a lot coming from me. You can view more of the Moroccan range via this link here and I'd definitely recommend you doing so as I know I will be. I love discovering new brands that are affordable yet equally as good. I've been trying out the false tan too so expect a review on that soon, thanks for reading as usual! J x

Friday, 21 October 2016


Since we're well into October now and the weather is getting progressively crap, my skins becoming pretty dry, sad and miserable. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to my skin (shameful, I know) I cleanse and exfoliate twice a day and put moisturiser on before my makeup on a morning but that's about as hard as it usually gets. But lately, I've been practicing a lil self-love on an evening and took my skincare regime up a notch and I love the results. Not only is it such a nice way to relax and rewind before getting ready for bed, my skin has never felt smoother. I thought i'd share with you some of my favourites so we can all feel like a baby's bum together, enjoy!

Palmers Cocoa Butter - Link Here

I've been aware of the hype around this product since god knows when but the thought of an all-body moisturiser used to freak me out. Weird I know, but I hate the feeling of creams, etc in my hands and the thought of me rubbing it all over my body used to make me gag. Anyway, since my skin was so dry and practically scaly I took the plunge and bought an exfoliating glove to apply it with. This is the perfect combination! I use this after I've got out the shower and I smell heavenly, feel squeaky clean and the exfoliating glove really helps to keep my skin stay soft. I will warn you though, every time I use this I crave chocolate.

Loreal Detox Mask - Link Here

This mask has had so many reviews on the blogosphere I was sceptical of including it because I bet, like me, everyone's sick of seeing it by now, but it's too good not to include. It completely lives up to the hype and I've seen amazing results on my skin. I have pretty sensitive, oily-type skin so blackheads are a nightmare to get rid of as you could imagine. This is the only product I've used-so far- in my 20 year lifespan that actually minimises the look of my pores, I almost cried with happiness when I used it for the first time. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone!

Nivea Sensitive Night Cream - Link Here

I've been using this cream religiously for the past few weeks and I really don't know how I used to survive without it. Having sensitive skin, my skin can flare up pretty bad sometimes which leaves me with weird, red looking patches. This cream has completely fixed this problem for me and I look in the mirror on a morning and don't want to laugh at my pepperoni face anymore. I mean, I'm practically a supermodel now, so this is a true skincare champion - especially for the £3 price tag.

Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil - Link Here

I'm not going to lie, this product was neglected for quite some time before I decided I'd give it a go (lost in my boring Birchbox products drawer). Having oily skin, I immediately get put off by oils because I think it'll just make my skin worse but I was so wrong about this. The oil works pretty much anywhere you want to put it, I rub it into the ends of my hair after a shower and I apply it to my face if it's looking a little dehydrated. The smell is so addictive, it's literally like applying a layer of silk on your body. This little sample has lasted me quite some time and my boyfriend has been pinching it when he can too. So I'll definitely be repurchasing this once it runs out.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a lovely weekend! 

Saturday, 15 October 2016


Last weekend, the boyfriend and I were wandering around the Quayside in Newcastle when we came across this cat cafe, "Catpawcino" how adorable is that name? love a good pun! Anyway, long story short I pretty much fell in love with the whole place and I walked away with a loyalty card and a whole lot of plans to visit again. I mean, anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love cats, I find it practically impossible to walk past a cat without saying hello and giving it a little pet, so you can imagine my excitement to stumble across this place.

It's a fairly small, snug cafe but you can't miss those adorable cats napping in the window and it gets even better once you step in. The cafe itself is quaint, yet beautifully decorated with shabby-chic mismatch furniture and pretty cat climbing towers, I was impressed before I'd even took in the array of furry friends.

Entry to Catpawcino is £5, which is redeemable for a soft drink, tea or coffee, which really isn't very bad at all. I mean, getting a drink surrounded by cute little cats.. I'd pay far more in Costa and I definitely wouldn't get that enjoyment! I'd much rather be spending my time in this cafe trying to make friends. It also goes towards vet bills, food and feline entertainment - so if that doesn't justify it I don't know what will. They also serve sandwiches and cakes, which looked pretty tasty.

As far as atmosphere goes, the woman who greeted us was really friendly and welcoming, it was our first time and she had no hesitations explaining everything to us and even gave us some treats to hand out to the kittens. I mean, cats are cats at the end of the day and the majority weren't really phased by my presence (as much as I wished they were) they much preferred napping and gazing out the windows. But some of them were pretty sociable - especially once you had a few treats or a toy in your hand.

It's a super relaxing place, getting to sit and drink a coffee, stroke a few cats and listen to peaceful music - there wasn't anything I could fault. It's strange, if I went to my friends house just to catch up and stroke their cats it would probably be exactly the same yet for some reason I couldn't help but be completely overjoyed by this cafe.

The fee is for an hours sitting, which you can understand as the cafe is fairly small and there's obviously a lot of people who want to experience this, so I'd definitely recommend booking beforehand if you're planning to go anytime soon.

If you're ever walking along the Quayside, make sure you stop by! you can access the Catpawcino's Facebook page here, Thanks for reading x

Thursday, 6 October 2016


Dress / Glamorous / Link

Shoes / Office / Link

Can we all take a moment and appreciate the fact that I'm actually out.. in public.. taking blog photographs?! Honestly if I'd of said to myself a few months ago that I'd be taking photographs outside in front of people I'd of laughed and said there's not a chance. I really pushed to meet most of my September goals if you remember that post and this was one of them, so I'm really chuffed with myself. Hopefully I'll grow out of that awkward cross your legs and look to the left pose though, ha.  

Anyway, in other news, I thought I'd share this outfit with you all. I love Amy from SaltAndChic's style and I seen her wearing the longer version of this dress from Glamorous quite a while back and I was instantly like, yes I need that in my life. Then I saw on Asos that they did a smock dress version and it was in PETITE?! obviously it was fate that I bought this. Burgundy's, dark greens and burnt orange shades are what I tend to lean towards when I'm transitioning into my autumn wardrobe. Paired with a simple leather and buckle boots and it's grown into a staple look. 

My boots are by far my favourite purchase this month too, although coming in a little pricey £84 pounds to be precise. I love them and I know they're going to be worth the money just in the wear I'll get out of them. They're the perfect little boot that seems to make every outfit I've worn recently just a little bit jazzier. I also feel like the heel length is perfect just as an everyday boot, when you have legs as short as mine wearing heels for a long amount of time can be quite painful. But so far, I've had no problems and I'm quite besotted with them. 

I wish I had a few more photographs to share with you all but honestly it was the windiest day and I'm quite thankful I have three decent photos because I genuinely thought there was going to be none where I didn't look like I was about to blow away in the wind!

Hope everyone's having a lovely thursday evening. Thanks for reading! x 

Sunday, 2 October 2016


Hello, it's me.. Jen, if you've forgotten. Queue the 'I'm such a terrible blogger' jokes and apologies as I've been really quiet on the blogosphere lately. I want to start by saying a huge thank you to all of you who entered my giveaway, the response was lovely and I'm so thankful you took the time to enter and massive congrats to Sonia for winning!

It's proving to be pretty damn difficult finding the time to blog now I'm back at university (I still manage to find time to bingewatch Netflix though, shame on me). But I'm working on it, blogging is one of the only things I truly love doing so I refuse to slack any longer. Especially since we're now moving into my favourite month of the year - who else am I going to share my halloween and pumpkin spice latte adventures with?!

Anyway, since I'm still trying to decorate and make my uni room a little more homely I thought I'd show you my progress so far. There's still a long way to go, I'm a perfectionist so I'll probably never be 100% happy with it (don't mention those awful cream walls). But so far, it's coming along nicely. There's parts of my room I don't want to share just yet, but once I find the decor to suit my girly needs it'll be complete. I'll try to add some of the links to a few things I've picked up recently because I love reading those kinda posts and finding some affordable uni decor too, so here goes. Enjoy!

Bedding: Primark
Flora Poster: Urban Outfitters

10 points if you spot me. I love this little storage box I got from Ikea, it's the "Kallax" series and it was literally £20, how good is that? I love that you can accessorise with the boxes to fit the spaces too. I don't have the same colour scheme in my bedroom at home so when it comes to moving back I'll be able to pick up some different coloured boxes to pop in whilst I'm at home. I think this is my favourite part of the room so far, it's a little bit cluttered but that's just me, I'm a little cluttered human. Shoutout to Ken the catcus for hanging on in there too, he's grown so much since last year, I'm a very proud cacti mother.

This is also another Ikea purchase *shock* as when I moved in the furniture provided was.. 'sparse' to say the least. I'm a kinda gal to have a cup of tea and a lamp right beside me so I can read in bed to my hearts content, so I obviously needed to buy a bedside table. This is the 'Selje' and again, it's £20. I love the way it looks and it's just the right size. I also picked up the little glasses holder from Tiger for around £4, how adorable is it?! I also just noticed my beauty blender is dirty and I think I must be the worst beauty blogger on the entire planet. Oh, and there's another catcus.

The rug above was from Ikea, christ I hate that word now, I promise I'm not sponsored. I have a little bit of floor space and I think this just breaks the whole bare feel of it up a little and it's super soft and comfy, especially for ten pounds too. The little cards I've got up next to my door are some of my favourite images from Tumblr I put together and printed. Some of them are funky patterns and some have lyrics from my favourite songs, I think they were around 40p to print from and I'd definitely recommend doing it, it's such a cheap yet pretty way of sprucing up yo walls.

And heres me, looking way too happy sporting my new dorky glasses and my brown-gone-ginger ombrè/ish hair. I'm really trying to make the most out of my second year and I feel so much happier already, I'm bettering myself, organising my work in good time and I've even pushed myself to ask questions and not be afraid to speak up. For blogging, I promise you'll see a lot more of my face in the very-near future, I've even scheduled a few posts in advance. Me? scheduling?! I know. Thanks for reading and I hope you're having a lovely sunday. Xx

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