Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Happy September guys and gals! it's almost socially acceptable to start looking at halloween costumes and buying too many transitional clothes that I just simply need to have in my wardrobe, yay! August was a blur, coming back from Barcelona at the end of July and scavenging for last minute internships meant August just happened to fly by. Some cool things happened, nothing huge, but it marks the month I finally managed to schedule some blog content and host a giveaway! 10 points to me. Anyway, since it's the start of the month I thought I'd start a monthly goals series of posts and then address next month whether I accomplished them. So here goes;

1. Drink as many spiced hot drinks in Starbucks as I can, I love Pumpkin Spice Latte's, add a little cinnamon and bam, a party in your mouth.

2. Venture out for my OOTD's, as much as this frightens me I can't do back garden photoshoots for the rest of my life you know.

3. Stay motivated with university, the first month is always difficult with freshers and meeting new people and what-not but I must get ahead, second year is no joke. With this cute little Kate Spade planner I bought I have no choice but to stay organised and focused, look at it! 

4. Hit the gym fat ass! I can't wait to get back to university and join the gym again to be honest, being at home over the summer period I've felt like such a sloth.

5. Stick with my reading, I've got two books that I feel really guilty about sitting on my shelf so when I move into my new house that's a task I'm ready to complete. 

6. Eat healthily, part of me is humming and ahh-ing at becoming a vegetarian. I rarely eat meat regardless but I love every kind of seafood under the sun. I think maybe if I experimented in the kitchen a little more I could try and cut fish and meat out for at least a few weeks?! I'll give it a go.

7. Stop being so bloody afraid to go to makeup counters. Honestly my anxiety kicks me up the bum every time and it's so frustrating because there's so many products I want to try but I need to test shades but I can't do anything but just walk by. This month is the month I try and grow some balls.

8. Drink a lot more water, I've seen a huge difference in my skin lately because of all the water I've been drinking but it's just too easy to stop. I need to keep this going!

9. Reach 1000 followers, it's a bit of a longshot but I'm more than halfway there, a girl can dream.

10. Don't let the distance between me and my boyfriend be an issue. Being at university and him working full time at home can be stressful but that means the time we eventually spend together will be all the more worth it. I must find some cute things to do in Newcastle! 

Have you got any personal goals for this month? I'd love to hear a few. There's still a few days left of my Too Faced giveaway too if you've not entered yet. Thanks for reading as always! x


  1. Have you ever thought about going Pescatarian? It's a vegetarian who eats fish only. I went pescatarian a full year ago and it was the best decision I ever made... also because I love seafood and shellfish, and fish is a type of lean meat I can eat without feeling guilty afterwards! I also just feel better, and it forces you to think more about what you're eating. I just thought I'd suggest it if you were torn whether you wanted to go full on vegetarian or not :)

  2. You've set great goals babe! Thank you for sharing with us.

    Xo, Maryam

  3. Hmm I wish we had Starbucks so I can taste the spiced pumpkin drinks I hear such amazing things about

    Beauty Candy Loves

  4. I hope you achieve all your goals and more!


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com

  5. Good luck for university! My main september goal is just to start year 11 with a positive attitude and lots of hard so I can get the gcse grades I want!
    Aleeha xXx

  6. Great post.. a lot of my goals are the same, I am definitely trying to read more.. I love it but I rarely find the time to get stuck into a good book! I love finding lovely new blogs like yours to read, you should be so proud.. keep up the great work! x


  7. Oh, Jen I just stumbled upon your blog and you sound too adorable~ I totally hear you about those pumpkin spice lattes---fall in a cup haha. Good luck with uni~ You're going to do amazing!
    She Will Be

    1. Awww thanks so much for the lovely comment! Xxx

  8. These are great goals! Good luck in achieving them this month! :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  9. I also hate walking up to a makeup counter, freaks the shit out of me, i don't even know why!
    Kathy x

  10. Drinking more water is one of my goals for this month as well. I find it far too easy to forget but I think my skin will thank me for it!
    Also on my list is to try a Pumpkin Spice latte as I am still yet to do so...

    Louise | www.talkingbeautyblog.blogspot.co.uk

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  12. Love the Kate Spade planner! Lovely post - some of my own goals are very similar to yours!


  13. This was so fun to read, I definitely need to drink more water, too. Great goals overall!

    Hugs, Hannie | Missing Wanderer

  14. love these types of posts & that planner is so pretty x


  15. I am not a fan of meat too, I rarely eat any. I aim to drink 2litres of water daily and water is so good for our body and skin, you immediately notice your skin more hydrated and clear! :)


  16. I am not a fan of meat too, I rarely eat any. I aim to drink 2litres of water daily and water is so good for our body and skin, you immediately notice your skin more hydrated and clear! :)


  17. I love posts like this! I need to think of some September goals haha x

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

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  19. This is such a lovely idea for a post!

    Parie x

  20. I like this idea of setting monthly goals at the beginning of the month to keep you feeling inspired. I hope you reach your goals for September x

    Beauty with charm

  21. You've got some great goals! I feel the same when it comes to makeup counters. I don't know why I'm afraid but some of them I feel so intimidated!

    Jasmine x


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