Saturday, 17 September 2016


Since I've started blogging again and I'm trying to knock out posts like there's no tomorrow, I though't I'd share a few blogs I've been reading a lot lately. I'm always on the hunt for new bloggers, going through endless amounts of comment chains and finding a blog I love is so exciting to do and it's so important! Reading lovely blogs gives me so much inspiration to actually get out of bed and be productive. Ok, so here goes.

Curly and Wordy.

Bethany is the most wonderful blogger I've ever came across. She has a huge variety of categories on her blog and I love coming to her blog for a good read and a giggle. The thing I love most about Curly and Wordy is her ability to write about alternative things effortlessly in the blogging world; such as "What I've Learnt About Love" or "The Perfect Vagina". As I'm a beauty and fashion blogger I don't tend to come across blogs like this but I'm 100% hooked and I suggest you go have a little gander.

Posts to check out 8 Reasons Why Sundays Are Bloody Wonderful / Some Tips From The Worst Fresher Ever / A Letter To My Future Husband  (I didn't have a little sob at this last one, promise)

Velvet Black.

Alice is a complete style goddess, genuinely. As well as being one of the loveliest girls, she is constantly inspiring me and my future wardrobe. I believe she is capable of putting just about any item of clothing together as an outfit and making me swoon. She has an alternative sense of style, but she pulls everything off to a T, including some beautiful makeup looks. I've followed her since I can remember and I always look forward to coming on Bloglovin' and seeing her posts at the top of my feed.

It's Lauren Victoria

Lauren is a blogger I came across a few months ago and immediately became one of my favourite blogs to read. She's a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger yet every single topic she makes really interesting and I love having a scroll through her posts. She's so consistent and I think it's so inspiring that she's even got her own blog schedule, goals or what? Everytime I read Lauren's posts I feel like I can relate to her so much and I genuinely think we're like sisters that haven't met? it's strange. She deserves all the recognition she can get so I highly recommend you go check her out.

Posts to check out 20 thoughts about gbbo / summer makeup favourites / why you're not a failure if your career plan doesn't work out

This post was planned for quite some time ago, but I've moved to university and dreadfully been without wifi for a while, so apologies on my behalf for the lack of posts lately. I've got a pretty funny/scary ghost story to tell you sometime. There's still 12 days left of my Too Faced Giveaway if you haven't already entered. Lots of love x

Sunday, 11 September 2016


You'll be reading this post as I'm currently running around ready to pack all my life away and move back to Newcastle for university, major stress. I can't wait to be back and to be making new friends, but the whole moving your life from one place to another can be a challenge.

To keep things slightly less rant-ier, I thought I'd share a cheeky #ootd with you all. SheIn (formerly SheInside) are a brand that I was personally aware of before I was contacted by the brand. I'm a huge fan of bargain websites and although the quality isn't always the best, I get so much joy from wearing an outfit knowing I didn't pay through the nose for it. This dress in particular really caught my eye, if any of you know me you'd know I'm a freak when it comes to stripes. Around 80% of my wardrobe holds striped clothing, I'm a complete hoarder. The off the shoulder look is something I've been loving lately too, so combined it seemed like this dress was a must buy for me. For a measly £13 too I love this dress. I think having a little statement piece like this doesn't really need any jewellery so you can get away with a simple shoe and some knick knacks and you're good to go! cheap yet chic outfit... lol.

SheIn Striped Cold Shoulder Dress - £12.98!!!! Link Here.
New Look Sandals - £15. Link Here.

I teamed the dress with some little brown sandals from New Look and I think overall it's a great outfit for squeezing out that last bit of sunshine from the British summer. On slightly colder days I'd wear this with a chunky cream cardigan as it's super comfy.

Sorry I've been slacking on the posts, not having wifi is proving to be really difficult at the moment but all shall be well soon. There's also still time to enter my Too Faced Giveaway if you haven't already. I'm excited to announce the winner! Happy Sunday x

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Happy September guys and gals! it's almost socially acceptable to start looking at halloween costumes and buying too many transitional clothes that I just simply need to have in my wardrobe, yay! August was a blur, coming back from Barcelona at the end of July and scavenging for last minute internships meant August just happened to fly by. Some cool things happened, nothing huge, but it marks the month I finally managed to schedule some blog content and host a giveaway! 10 points to me. Anyway, since it's the start of the month I thought I'd start a monthly goals series of posts and then address next month whether I accomplished them. So here goes;

1. Drink as many spiced hot drinks in Starbucks as I can, I love Pumpkin Spice Latte's, add a little cinnamon and bam, a party in your mouth.

2. Venture out for my OOTD's, as much as this frightens me I can't do back garden photoshoots for the rest of my life you know.

3. Stay motivated with university, the first month is always difficult with freshers and meeting new people and what-not but I must get ahead, second year is no joke. With this cute little Kate Spade planner I bought I have no choice but to stay organised and focused, look at it! 

4. Hit the gym fat ass! I can't wait to get back to university and join the gym again to be honest, being at home over the summer period I've felt like such a sloth.

5. Stick with my reading, I've got two books that I feel really guilty about sitting on my shelf so when I move into my new house that's a task I'm ready to complete. 

6. Eat healthily, part of me is humming and ahh-ing at becoming a vegetarian. I rarely eat meat regardless but I love every kind of seafood under the sun. I think maybe if I experimented in the kitchen a little more I could try and cut fish and meat out for at least a few weeks?! I'll give it a go.

7. Stop being so bloody afraid to go to makeup counters. Honestly my anxiety kicks me up the bum every time and it's so frustrating because there's so many products I want to try but I need to test shades but I can't do anything but just walk by. This month is the month I try and grow some balls.

8. Drink a lot more water, I've seen a huge difference in my skin lately because of all the water I've been drinking but it's just too easy to stop. I need to keep this going!

9. Reach 1000 followers, it's a bit of a longshot but I'm more than halfway there, a girl can dream.

10. Don't let the distance between me and my boyfriend be an issue. Being at university and him working full time at home can be stressful but that means the time we eventually spend together will be all the more worth it. I must find some cute things to do in Newcastle! 

Have you got any personal goals for this month? I'd love to hear a few. There's still a few days left of my Too Faced giveaway too if you've not entered yet. Thanks for reading as always! x

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