Wednesday, 31 August 2016


As August draws it's curtains and we head into September I thought I'd share a few of the beauty products I've been obsessing over this month. Before I do, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Starbucks have brought pumpkin spice lattes back a little earlier this year? I can't wait to move back to university and get my daily fix. That's how depressing my hometown is, they don't even have a Starbucks.. they recently built a Costa, but that's like swapping pizza for a salad as far as I'm concerned. Queue rather lengthly post.. I'll forgive you just this once if you fancy skipping to the end.

So the first products I'm gonna babble on about are my favourite lip products because there's two and it makes sense to do so, so here goes. Since winning the giveaway from the gorgeous kate over at kateidoscope I've fallen in love with Charlotte Tilbury's Coachella Coral from the kissing collection. It's the perfect sunny salmon colour and has been my favourite go-to lipstick for everyday wear. Although I do think Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are way too expensive, it's worth it when you wear the lipstick as much as I have been.

On the complete other side of the price spectrum, my second lip product I've been loving this month is the Soap and Glory lipstick in Perfect Day. The relaunch of these staple lipsticks featured some shades with a satin finish and my lips have never looked better. Honestly, I love this lipstick and I plan to buy more, the finish is lovely and it leaves my lips super smooth and for six pounds I'm impressed.

If any of you have followed my posts for some time you'll probably notice that I'm a little bit of a stinge. Don't get me wrong, I can go completely Regina George and buy everything in sight, but since student life has hit me like a tonne of bricks, I really begrudge buying expensive products. I'm a firm believer in the "I need a new perfume so I'll ask for my birthday" that every girl seems to be part of,  but since my birthday is in December it's a long wait and I'd eyed up this perfume for so long. If you can't already tell by the pretty packaging this is the Viktor and Rolf Bon Bon. The smell is like a beautiful caramel haven and I know I'm going to run out so quickly because it's one of those fragrances you can't help but keep spraying because it's so damn good. Go treat your nose and have a spray, you'll see what I mean.

I admit that I get easily influenced on the Blogosphere, I read a few beauty posts and I have a wishlist as long as my arm. The Laura Mercier Radiance Primer was a primer I kept seeing nothing but good reviews about so I decided to have a little try for myself. The radiance version has a pearl tint which really makes a difference to my makeup as it leaves a nice glow effect on my skin that comes through to my foundation. I've been using it religiously since I got it, however.. I feel like I've been breaking out a lot lately so I've just cut this primer out to see if this is the culprit, I shall keep you updated.

Who'd of guessed? this primer has been my favourite ever since I bought it in June. It's the Becca Highlighter in Opal. I won't go into too much detail because there's a review on my blog you can check here. But considering this is the mini version and I've used it almost every makeup day it's lasted so long, I can't fault this product! 

When I visited Sephora in Barcelona I fell in love with this Urban Decay Eyeshadow. This is the shade cosmic, I wear it pretty much everyday because I'm glitter af and I love a sparkly eye, I've been applying this over the top of my Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow. This rose gold shade with the cosmic eyeshadow over the top creates a gorgeous everyday iridescent pink. I wish I'd realised the Moondust palette was out though otherwise I wouldn't of paid for it separately. Lastly, my go to mascara this month has been the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, I get it's not for everyone, but I love a full, thick lash and this does exactly that. They also do a travel size which this one is and I love that they do that because I hate paying full price for products I don't get on with, but this mascara is a godsend. Expect a review soon because it's worth shouting about.

Since I've been loving the Too Faced eye range lately, I thought what better way to celebrate my blogging milestone with my first ever giveaway. I'm going to be giving the 5 Star Favourites Set away to my lovely followers as a huge thank you to the big 700! I appreciate every single follower and knowing that I've only been blogging a little while it makes me so happy.

Thanks and good luck to you! x

Saturday, 27 August 2016


Since we've weirdly had a lot of nice weather lately I thought what better way to show off my new Mac lippy with a how-to post. I'm a sucker for a bright lip, I love wearing plain Jane outfits and making my look just with a simple lipstick. I personally prefer bright red/orange with a coral tone to my lipsticks but red bases are so versatile anyone suits them.

First step is the most important, prime yo lips! Since it's been sunbathing weather this goes without saying really but it's important to make sure your lips are well cared for before you attempt a matte lip as they can be very drying. I use my EOS balm, I know this is a brand that has had really bad press lately but personally I don't see the problem? I love mine!

Next I line my lips, this Lasting Sensation liner goes amazingly well with my Ablaze lipstick. I tend to colour in my lips a little too, just so they blend together a lot easier and it's not obvious that I'm wearing liner. I think liners are so important when it comes to matte lipsticks, they even everything out and stop the lipstick flying all over the place which is really important, especially when it comes to hot summer days!

I then apply my lipstick, since the Mac lipsticks don't have a square nib like the Charlotte Tilbury ones, I use a lip brush to get right in those pesky corners to make sure my lips are perfectly even. I know that some people won't carry a lip brush around with them so I'd suggest just filling in these gaps with the lip liner. 

To perfect my lip, I conceal around the edges. Not only does this trick make the lips look bolder, it hides any imperfections you may of made when applying the product.. (Which is almost always for me, shaky coffee hands are no good for steady tasks like liner). This really takes the look to the next level for me, it both highlights and conceals and makes the colour stand out to it's full potential.

And voila! the finished look. Scouring makeup counters for days I eventually found my perfect shade of coral. I've genuinely not took this off since I bought it and I keep applying false tan so the colour stands out against my skin. I know bright colours aren't everybody personal taste but these tips can be applied to any shade of lipstick and any lipstick brand. The links to the products I've mentioned in this post are below, thanks for reading!

Mac Lip Pencil in Lasting Sensation £13 / Link Here
Mac Matte Lipstick in Ablaze £15.50 / Link Here
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15 £18.00 / Link Here
EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet £6.50 / Link Here

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Well hello there! It's been a while since I've had an outfit post on the blog. You know when you find yourself in one of those pickles where you have absolutely loads of new outfits you could share but can't seem to find the right lighting.. or the weathers crap.. or your face just doesn't look photographable? That's what's I've been stressing about lately.. But today was an lovely day, so surprise! Here's an outfit post. (God help me in the winter)

I bought these Asos espadrilles last week as I think they're a fab way to spruce up a plain outfit. After seeing a few of my favourite bloggers wearing similar styles (velvet black.. I'm looking at you) I decided to take the plunge and buy some for myself. The little lace up details give that little more to an outfit and also look great when wearing them with a skirt/shorts. I love the stud embellishment, on a colder day I'd wear this outfit with my trusty leather jacket and a neck scarf. I also thought I'd mention how much I've been loving Asos A-List scheme lately, free next day delivery and £5 vouchers are an absolute god send!

I've styled my shoes with a grey peplum tee from Boohoo which has been my favourite item in my wardrobe lately. I really don't like the top of my legs so finding tees like this that can take the attention away from them without looking overly obvious are a great find. I really like the sleeves too, having baggier sleeves always makes my arms appear thinner which I love! My jeans are also just basic Asos skinnies, which I must admit were changed around ten minutes after I started taking photographs because it was just too damn hot. The only downside to this outfit I could mention is DO NOT GET THE SHOES WET. I got caught in the rain a few days ago and since the shoe is practically woven they are an absolute nightmare to get dry. I've been leaving mine to air out in the garden and they still have a horrible damp smell, ew (tmi, sorry).

Shoes: ASOS Espadrilles / Link Here
Jeans: ASOS Petite Ridley Jeans / Link Here
Top: Boohoo Ruffle Hem Tee / Link Here 

Thanks for reading! x

Monday, 22 August 2016


I'm sorry I've been away a little, trying to juggle a boyfriend, an internship, a house move and a blog is proving to be difficult for little old me, so I thought I'd bring it back with a simple music post. I love music, finding time to discover new bands and listen to some golden oldies is my favourite thing to do. Since coming back from Benicassim festival I've started listening to a whole lot of new loves and I thought I'd share my ultimate summer playlist with you, because why not. Obviously as I've mentioned before, Biffy Clyro and Muse were the highlights of my week, both being bands that were on my bucket list so finally seeing them live was surreal.

Since Benicassim was a fairly small festival with a great lineup, you could get to a stage 10-15 minutes before a main act and manage to worm your way straight to the front... which is obligatory if you're a midget like me. Being directly in front of Simon Neil the first time I've ever seen Biffy Clyro was something I'll never forget.

Catfish and the Bottlemen were also really good, considering they weren't a main act and were on pretty early, they brought in a huge crowd with a great atmosphere. I managed to get sunstroke on the day they were playing, but I dragged myself out of the tent for an hour to see them before running back to comfort and missing Kendrick Lamar (sobs).

I've thrown in a few gems too, I mean... You can't have an ultimate summer playlist without a few oldies from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Bring Me The Horizon right?

Also, who else loves the new Blink 182 album?! I feel like it's my favourite yet, big ups to Twenty One Pilots who keep bringing out songs that I can't help but play on repeat. Ps. let me know if you have a listen to my playlist, thanks for reading!

Pps. I hit 700 followers yay! Expect a giveaway soon!

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Anxiety has affected me since I can remember, it's been right beside me since my teens and I've blissfully tried to accept it. What I do know is that It's anxiety that plays it's part in most of the decisions I face day to day. It's anxiety that stops me taking photographs of my makeup for a blog post, even though I've spent hours perfecting it. Or it's the outfit I'll buy and plan specifically for a post yet I can't get in front of the camera, or even drag myself out of bed. It dawned on me the other day that I haven't even properly introduced myself in the blogging world, how crazy is that! I wanted to create a post like this because anxiety is very real and it's something I feel like people need to have a better understanding of.

A few years ago, I became aware that the circle of friends I grew up with weren't the type of friends I wanted to keep, so I distanced myself and eventually cut all contact, thinking I would be happier on my own. However, it left me completely disconnected and aware of my anxiety more than ever. It's left me constantly doubting myself and my ability to hold relationships. I could be meeting somebody for the first time and seem completely fine yet my head is spilling with thoughts like "Am I being weird?", "Do I seem miserable?" "Why did you just say that!" and it's a constant battle leaving me uncomfortable and doubtful.

My anxiety really hit it's peak when I began university, in my head it was going to be a complete fresh start for me, nobody knew me or my problems and it's a brand new chance to make some genuine friends and ignore my anxiety. I was focusing on this so much that I managed to forget how hugely overwhelming the whole process was going to be. Leaving my town along with all of my comforts and diving head first into something completely alien was a huge learning curve. My first lecture was the first time I experienced a panic attack, I had a huge sense of dread and my whole body felt weak and faint, I was completely adamant it wasn't my anxiety and that I was actually poorly because it was so new to me. After hospital visits and everything coming back clear, it began to make sense to me that I was experiencing these episodes whenever I felt anxious.

an illustration depicting anxiety by gemma correll - source here

Since I now know how anxiety affects me and how it's triggered I've learnt to manage them and deal with it on my own. Don't get me wrong, it's awful having that initial "Shit, I'm gonna faint, I'm gonna faint" sweating panic, especially when I'm in a busy place or surrounded by new people you don't want to make a fool in front of. University can be really quite terrifying, I still struggle speaking to my lecturers and asking questions.. (believe it or not, I have to interview strangers on my course.. imagine!)

Since learning about anxiety and realising I wasn't just going completely insane or thinking I had some deadly undetectable illness, I've learnt to live with it. My boyfriend has been an absolute rock in the process and although I'm 100% positive he still doesn't really get why I get so upset or anxious of myself, he copes. This is why I wanted to write this post today because it's so important to speak out. Don't get me wrong, I literally haven't even spoke about my anxiety with my parents (and ironically it's probably anxiety stopping me from doing so). I've wanted to go to the doctors and speak to someone about it too, but I cancel every appointment I make, which I'm sure is down to my anxiety. But having someone that can reassure your doubts if you're going through a bad patch, whether it's even a fellow blogger like me is the best advice I can give. The second is to not be afraid, there's been times this year where I really kick myself at university because I've been so afraid to speak out I really struggled. My own personal goals for this year is to get my voice out, take a moment to stop worrying about the little things and start kicking anxiety in the bum.

It's definitely not a walk in the park, I can completely come out of my shell and be myself most days, then the following day I can have so much motivation but can't bring myself to even get out of bed. It's a steady paced battle that one day I'll hopefully get a firm grip on. I really hope this post has been useful and hasn't led any of my followers astray as blogging is a huge platform and for me to be able to raise awareness for anxiety and share my own experiences is really lovely. Thanks for reading.

Things I've personally found useful:
The app 7 Cups which connects you to someone willing to listen at all times.
The book Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson.
Meditation, cliché but it works surprisingly well for me.
Making some TLC for myself, preferably with a new book, pjs and a green tea.
Writing down my worries, creating a diary for myself really helped me understand what was getting me so anxious, which is a must if you don't discuss it with anybody.
Hugging my dog.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


This post, in all of it's glory, is a feeble attempt at trying to make the best out of the weather we've been having lately. Since coming back from Barcelona, I've had zero sunny moments to top up my tan which is leaving me pretty pale with a bad case of holiday blues. Anyway, all doom and gloom aside I thought I'd share with you what I'm wearing today. This beaut of a blouse was bought from one of the many Zara's dotted around in Barcelona, although it's sold out, I think it's perfect for a casual day, anything paisley is also welcomed with open arms in my wardrobe. Paired with my trusty Asos jeans that I hate getting photographed in.. Anyone else have the "fits absolutely nowhere apart from the bum" situation when buying jeans? I hate it, small girl big butt problems but, I'm used to rocking the baggy knee look now.

My shoes I managed to bag when Missguided did the half price off everything event, the website crashed really bad, but I contacted them and received a single use code (when everything was back in stock, woohoo) so I managed to nab them for £9! They're so comfy and wearable for during the day too. Then, last but not least, my favourite (and only) hair accessory. I barely ever make an effort with my hair, never bother wearing it up because I think I look like Phil Mitchell with my hair back and my bulging forehead on show.. so it's always down straight or curly and that's it. I bought this clip on a whim and how adorable is it, it gives a little pzaz to my boring everyday hair. Thanks for reading! x

Zara Top - Similar
Asos Jeans - Link Here
Asos Hair Clip - Similar
Missguided Mules - Similar

Saturday, 6 August 2016


 The new ghd Curve (link here) is already one of my new favourite hair styling tools. My mam bought this little beauty for her birthday whilst there was discount available at Harvey Nichols. Given that she's got thin hair, she's always on the hunt for that new, perfect way to volumise her hair. The wand has a clever oval shaped barrel which allows you to create thick, impressive waves and it does almost exactly what it says on the tin, I am in love. This reminds me of the Babyliss curling wand, but obviously the price is a lot more expensive, but it also comes with a lot more perks. The wand takes literally five seconds to heat up, so if you're in a rush and you want a few curls before work, you'd have it in seconds. It also, thank god, has an automatic sleep mode after thirty minutes, which I believe is a brilliant feature.. I'm not a gal who goes out of her way to burn a house down, but I'm a gal who'll be well into her busy day and it'll dawn on her that she may or may not of left the curlers on, and will continue to panic that I've set the house on fire. Anything that can put my forgetful mind at ease is a must! 

Many apologies about my bad case of resting bitch face.

And the result, voila! I didn't go all out with this wand, I'm not a full head of curly hair kind of gal I like to go for a more messy, barely styled look.. so this took literally around 5-6 minutes (and I have ridiculously thick hair). You can alter between wrapping round big pieces of hair, which it has no problems curling, and little pieces so you get a more 'natural' look. My curls lasted all day, as I'm currently writing this in my natural habitat with a cup of tea the day after, they're still here too. The verdict? ghd are always going to be a little pricey, this number coming in at £120 but this wand compared to the Babyliss is better by far, it's definitely going to be used a lot. That combined with a two year guarantee is also a justifiable reason for buying. I'm just thinking of ways I can sneak it to uni with me without my mam knowing haha, thanks for reading!  

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Ah Birchbox, that little breath of fresh air I'd receive every month. How I loved discovering new products and testing out new shades that I wouldn't dream of buying, but since I was paying for them and not wanting them to just go to waste, I persevered and swatched. I even found my love for a good smoky eye through this service.

However, lately I haven't been their biggest fan. In every box I've received there's been next to no actual beauty products besides the odd awful shade lipstick and liquid eyeliner.. that I don't wear. Obviously It's a service that introduces you to skincare too, which I first thought was a bonus, but when you're receiving majorly body moisturisers and cleansers almost every month with no makeup samples it gets tiring. Most of the products I seem to be wasting money on are sat gathering dust still in their boxes stacked up on my dressing table. Like hello? I'm literally set for life with cleansers and bath oils Birchbox, help a gal out here!

So, last month I received the email that we were going to be receiving our very own Millie Mackintosh's signature lipstick in collaboration with the brand Loc, so, out of sheer curiosity, I said to myself I'd wait out cancelling and see if this box is going to be the dealbreaker for me. Surprise surprise the lipstick was, in my opinion, pretty dreadful. A sticky crayon formula in the most unflattering Barbie pink shade I've ever had the honour of trying. As if that wasn't enough, the next best product was yet ... wait for it.. another Barbie pink shade of nail polish, sigh.

I've made the decision to spend my well earned review points (on products that I've never even received in my birchbox ironically) and get the hell outta there. I've just heard they're planning on cancelling the review points too so I'm glad I've made this decision at the right time. Don't get me wrong, I'll miss the excitement of receiving a pretty parcel every month, but I won't miss the disappointing products waiting inside for me, sorry Birchbox.. it's a no from me. Does anyone recommend another beauty box service that actually gets it right from time to time? let me know your suggestions! Thanks for reading x

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