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Staring at Stars bib dress (now on sale!) - link here. Classic black Birkenstocks - link here.

[Queue rather long photographic post] It's been almost two weeks since I last blogged and hopefully this post will explain why! I finally got to go on holiday with my boyfriend, we booked last year and have been eagerly counting down the days until Ibiza was here and it was so worth the wait. Initially we walked out of the travel agents thinking... crap, did we make the wrong decision going to Ibiza for our first holiday? and watching Ibiza weekender wasn't putting our minds at ease. But thankfully we were so wrong! Staying right on the seafront of San Antonio bay was beautiful, a little further away from the party scene so it was peaceful and relaxing, yet close enough to have a few nights on the strip. We went on the 11th of June and came back the 18th, it was a lot cheaper to go just before July and it didn't effect our holiday at all, still ridiculously hot (as you can see from me clenching water bottles for dear life) and the opening parties for most of the clubs were just happening that week - we even managed to squeeze in seeing Steve Aoki, which was amazing to say the least.

 Glamorous crochet top - link here. H&M patterned flares - similar here.

One of the perks of staying right on the bay was the cheap boat journeys to anywhere around the island. We took a boat to the beautiful Cala Bassa beach one day and it cost us €9 for a return trip. Although I stupidly managed to fall asleep on a sun lounger the first day I couldn't stay sunbathing in the sun for long (my wet hair made some awful spaghetti-like burn patterns on my back), so we went exploring and climbed up some of the rocky scenery for the pretty views. I think people just assume Ibiza is for the party animals, we had a lot of people asking why we were going to Ibiza for our first holiday, but we had such a lovely time and it took us by surprise just how relaxing it is.

Ibiza top tips.

1. Stock up on water, it's really expensive in cafes etc so always make sure you're carrying your own.
2. Buy a parasol and a lilo, paying €9-12 euros each day on the beach for a single lounger can get pricey when you can buy your own.
3. If you're going to a big club event.. pre drink! €23 euros for a single vodka and mixer in Amnesia wasn't the greatest.
4. Eat out. Even if you're all inclusive. There's some really lovely places by the bay (Tulip, Cafe Mambo) and it's nice to have a change of scenery once in a while.
5. Try the sangria, you won't be disappointed.
6. Always carry suncream with you, it gets ridiculously hot at completely random times - even at 8pm at night sometimes so it's best to be prepared - I learnt the hard way!
7. Explore, although the bay is great - there's so many hidden treasures in Ibiza.

If anyone is going to Ibiza or thinking about it I'd completely recommend it, me and Nathan really didn't want to come back to reality and I'm getting Ibiza blues just thinking about it. Thanks for reading! J x


  1. What a gorgeous place!

    Parie x

  2. Great pictures! I'm loving the dress and the Birkenstocks! XX


  3. Lovely outfits! This looks like a great place to visit!

    Emma xo // http://www.thewallflowerwardrobe.co.uk/

    1. It really is we had such a lovely time! XX

  4. Oh my god, this is incredible! Your outfits are fab and I love all the pics! x


  5. This looks so gorgeous, and I'm in love with your outfits! x


  6. Loving your outfits and the pictures are just gorgeous - so blue :) They're getting me super ready for summer despite it being so grey outside right now!
    Ambar | Her Little Loves

  7. Ahh the sea looks so prettyyyy, this looks so much nicer than the Ibiza stereotype - and love those blue trousers!

    www.Barely There Beauty.com | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  8. Gorgeous photos and I adore your outfits, especially that red dress! Such a romantic, sunny, beautiful place and the scenery looks lovely, sooo lucky! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. It's on sale at the mo too! Thanks Elizabeth :) Xx

  9. Gosh your pictures are so insane. I've never been to Ibiza but it looks so incredibly beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your Sunday lovely :)

    Katie // Words by Katie

  10. Gorgeous photos, Ibiza looks lovely! oh how i'd long for some of that sunshine and blue sea now..!

    The Little Things | Louise x

  11. gorgeous photos! You look lovely, I love the dress!

  12. Love your outfits so much and the tips are very useful! I actually have the exact same pair of the flares and have brought them to Greece with me haha!

    Maya x | Vogue By Maya

    1. They were such a bargain weren't they?! I never have them off now Xxx

  13. Great pictures it looks so beautiful here- I have never been to Ibiza before!! Love the outfits too lovely :) xxx

  14. I went to Ibiza in May and liked it a lot more than I thought it would! Will deffo be going back next year xx

    G | www.teawithgi.com

    1. It's so surprisingly different isn't it?! Xxx

  15. A couple of friends of mine are going to Ibiza this summer and I'm so jealous! It looks amazing. Really good tips too btw, thanks!


  16. Great photos! It looks so beautiful there! xxx

  17. great photos, and love your outfits! that dress is so cute!

    charlotteharvs.co.uk 👽

  18. Ah I definitely want to go back to Ibiza - it's such a beautiful, relaxing place despite how it gets portrayed! I really like your dress too :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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