Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Staring at Stars bib dress. Classic black Birkenstocks

[Queue rather long photographic post] It's been almost two weeks since I last blogged and hopefully this post will explain why! I finally got to go on holiday with my boyfriend, we booked last year and have been eagerly counting down the days until Ibiza was here and it was so worth the wait. Initially we walked out of the travel agents thinking... crap, did we make the wrong decision going to Ibiza for our first holiday? and watching Ibiza weekender wasn't putting our minds at ease. But thankfully we were so wrong! Staying right on the seafront of San Antonio bay was beautiful, a little further away from the party scene so it was peaceful and relaxing, yet close enough to have a few nights on the strip. We went on the 11th of June and came back the 18th, it was a lot cheaper to go just before July and it didn't effect our holiday at all, still ridiculously hot (as you can see from me clenching water bottles for dear life) and the opening parties for most of the clubs were just happening that week - we even managed to squeeze in seeing Steve Aoki, which was amazing to say the least.

 Glamorous crochet top, H&M patterned flares 

One of the perks of staying right on the bay was the cheap boat journeys to anywhere around the island. We took a boat to the beautiful Cala Bassa beach one day and it cost us €9 for a return trip. Although I stupidly managed to fall asleep on a sun lounger the first day I couldn't stay sunbathing in the sun for long (my wet hair made some awful spaghetti-like burn patterns on my back), so we went exploring and climbed up some of the rocky scenery for the pretty views. I think people just assume Ibiza is for the party animals, we had a lot of people asking why we were going to Ibiza for our first holiday, but we had such a lovely time and it took us by surprise just how relaxing it is.

Ibiza top tips.

1. Stock up on water, it's really expensive in cafes etc so always make sure you're carrying your own.
2. Buy a parasol and a lilo, paying €9-12 euros each day on the beach for a single lounger can get pricey when you can buy your own.
3. If you're going to a big club event.. pre drink! €23 euros for a single vodka and mixer in Amnesia wasn't the greatest.
4. Eat out. Even if you're all inclusive. There's some really lovely places by the bay (Tulip, Cafe Mambo) and it's nice to have a change of scenery once in a while.
5. Try the sangria, you won't be disappointed.
6. Always carry suncream with you, it gets ridiculously hot at completely random times - even at 8pm at night sometimes so it's best to be prepared - I learnt the hard way!
7. Explore, although the bay is great - there's so many hidden treasures in Ibiza.

If anyone is going to Ibiza or thinking about it I'd completely recommend it, me and Nathan really didn't want to come back to reality and I'm getting Ibiza blues just thinking about it. Thanks for reading! J x

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Since spotting one of my favourite bloggers Liv Purvis with one of these babies when they first arrived early last year, I set my eyes on getting my own. I've always been a big fan of the Cambridge Satchel Company even though I've never actually purchased anything before this bag - I've always thought the bags were a bit on the pricey side (especially since I could walk into Primark and buy a satchel for under £20). However, mark my words I am a Cambridge Satchel convert. You can spot the amazing quality of this bag from a mile off and it's definitely worth paying a little extra to get a 100% leather, durable everyday bag. Everything from the neat scalloped edges to the pretty gold engraved clasp makes it my go-to when I'm out and about.

Space wise, It's a little more cramped than I'd of liked but perfect for fitting in those everyday essentials (besides my rather bulky Kate Spade purse which makes me sad) but I did buy the smallest size so a girl can't really complain, if it holds my concealer what more do I need! These photos visualise an everyday situation with what I can fit in, I apologise for the phone case I think it's cute but my mam insists it's 'awful'. My phone, the must carry at all times lipstick and concealer, my keys, a nifty hand cream and a cute pair of topshop sunnies.

Obviously I couldn't buy a bag without getting my initials on could I? and I'm so glad I paid a little extra for this, I think it really brings the bag together and I would recommend this brand to anyone and at the mo there's 40% off online and it's including most of the popular bags - even this one.

- Not a spon! Just genuinely love this little bag. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Zara Jacket Link / Topshop Shirt Similar / Zara Jeans Similar

Making the most out of the rare glimpse of sunshine in the North East and taking my new Zara jacket out for a spin. I've wanted this jacket for so long and I had such a battle trying to get my hands on it, to the point where I was turning on stock notifications and going on the app on my phone straight after and it being sold out! But I finally managed and I love it. It's a jacket that can be easily dressed down with a basic tee and classic vans like in these photos (sorry about the battered shoes but I love them), but would also look really nice dressed up. For an affordable £39.99 too it's an absolute steal, I love that it's not real leather but also doesn't have that plasticky looking feel to it which you find with cheaper jackets in this style. I've lusted after a similar jacket in Allsaints for so long but I can't bare to part with £300+, so this substitute jacket is now my favourite summer accessory.

I hope everyone is making the most of this lovely weather! Thanks for reading x

Saturday, 4 June 2016


If there's anything in the world I could possibly never have enough of, It's highlighters. I can't consider my makeup complete without a little eyebrow glow or a cheek shimmer and I've tried pretty much every highlighter on the price spectrum. Becca Cosmetics are a brand I constantly see on the blogosphere getting great reviews and I've always wanted to give their massively popular highlighters a whirl. For me, since I spend an awful lot on makeup, I always get steered away from making pricey purchases (the Sunday Riley Good Genes has been on my wishlist for waaay too long). However, thanks to the makeup fairies over at Cult Beauty, they have brought out a series of mini kits featuring Becca's most loved products which I obviously had to try for myself.

[Spotlight Opal and Pressed Opal (excuse the dent, my clumsy nail ruined it) can be purchased here]

I always wanted to try Becca's highlighter so when I came across the 'Glow on the Go' kit for a reasonably priced £20, I had no hesitations. I'm a huge fan of both liquid and powder highlighters because you can use both in a variety of different ways. The shades are Becca's mini pressed and liquid versions of the bestseller 'Opal'. Since I'm going on holiday in a few days I thought this shade would be perfect for topping up my summer glow. I also love the fact that they are mini's, easy to pop in my makeup and transfer to my clutch bag on a night out.

[no flash compared to flash]

As you can see, the products are very pigmented, just a simple few rubs with my finger and you get a gorgeous golden glow shade, which I will definitely have to be careful with as I'm partial to getting too excited with a highlighter. The liquid 'Spotlight' is very subtle in natural light, however when exposed to a flash it's very glittery and I think this would make a perfect all over glow and I plan to mix this with my foundation to see the results!

I'll be posting a makeup look with these highlighters in the next couple of days, along with a guide to hand luggage as I'm jetting off to Ibiza next Saturday. Thanks for reading and a huge thank you to the followers who have stuck by me through this redesign - can't describe how happy that makes little old me.

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