Monday, 21 August 2017

I Colourpop caved...

Prepare for the prettiest packaging and products of yoooo life
Colourpop After Hours

Yes, I did it. I caved, I just couldn't go any longer knowing that my face was still yet to be blessed by the Colourpop gods. The minute I saw the After Hours palette I just knew I had to bite the bullet and hit that checkout button. Since Colourpop offer free international delivery with orders over $50, I bought a few other goodies to save in the long run. I'll keep them for a separate post because I want to keep it short and snappy, though I'm sure you'll be able to guess what they are from my photos. 

One thing I want to mention, is the amazing customer service Colourpop offers. If you watched my Instagram story and heard the ridiculous amount of 'oohs and ahhhs' when I was unboxing this order, everything was packaged so beautifully. Even little touches down to the individual comment cards to say thanks for your order really made a difference for me. Mine was a little animated lettuce saying 'lettuce celebrate' how cute?! Since they're such an affordable brand, it's nice to see them putting in the extra mile more than a typical brand would and I'll definitely be buying from them again in the future. Not to mention how amazing the products actually are. 
Colourpop After Hours

The Process

I've heard on the grapevine more times than often, that Colourpop can be really expensive to get here in the uk. I was initially put off after having such a bad experience with getting just ONE Kylie Jenner gloss and paying a fortune in fees. Though, I decided to just go for it and worry about the damage later.. treat yo self. I did look into shipping couriers etc but honestly, the free International delivery swayed me and I knew what I'd be paying in fees would more than likely equal an international shipping cost. So win win, technically?

When the little box of joy came, I was surprisingly only faced with a £12 fee, so everything came to exactly £50 in total. Which I get, some of you may see as a little steep. But £50 for two matte lips, a satin lip, a highlighter and seven insaneeely pigmented eyeshadows is good enough for me. Considering I'd pay £16 for just one lip product at Mac or Urban, you really can't complain. I'm still holding out for the rumours that Colourpop will come to Sephora though, so I probably won't be making another order in a rush! 

The Palette 

If you know me, I love a good glittery eye. So I popped this collection into my basket as fast as I could when I saw the swatches. These warm, cranberry tones are perfect for my eye colour and they're ridiculously glittery so I couldn't get a more perfect match if I tried. All of these eyeshadows are part of the 'Super Shock' collection and they're absolutely beautiful to touch. It's really hard to describe how they feel on the skin, but they're super velvety and buttery and glide on ridiculously well. 
After Hours swatches

As you can see from the swatches, if you aint a fan of glitter I don't think After Hours is suitable for you. The shades Wattles and Drift, are probably the only less glittery, more matte shades of the bunch. I've been using these shades almost daily to create a really warm, burgundy look as they're great transitional shades for my pale AF skin and really help making my green eyes pop. I'm so excited to use this collection more in autumn as I think the warm tones will be perfect for the season. 

Would you recommend any Colourpop Products? Thanks for reading! J x

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Summer sale picks.

"I don't know about you, but I love a cheeky bargain"

ASOS sale picks

First things first, yes I still haven't got to grips with shooting on my Olympus Pen for my outfit photos. I think I need to invest in a portrait lens as my 42mm lens just aint working for me, so for now I have to rely on my iPhone and this is the bloody result, crap photos. I get really annoyed over this because if you know me, I'm a bloody perfectionist. My flat-lays are exactly how I want them due to my Olympus, but the rest of my photos are very... iPhone, ja feel? 

Anyway... rant over. I came across a site a couple of weeks ago that has totally changed the game when it comes to shopping sales. I don't know about you, but I'm the type of girl that has to look through every single page of sale items just on the off chance that I may miss something good. After I eventually find something, I then have to repeat the bloody process for all the different clothing websites I usually buy from and it's such a boring task. 

Nine times out of ten, I just stress myself out and just shut the whole thing down and have a quiet word with myself to stop spending money lol. Thank god I came across the site  Love The Sales. It works by gathering all of the sale items from every decent retailer and pops them all into once place and into really helpful categories. I've found SO many bargains through them, including this  turtleneck jumper and  lace culotte pants

Monochrome outfitMonochrome outfit

Meaning that I managed to bag myself a pretty cute transitional outfit for just under £20, hurrah. Although, these particular culottes are sold out now, I've linked a few similar you can have a nosy at. Since we're pretty much saying goodbye to summer and hello horrible humidity, I think super comfy loose culottes and a light long sleeved top are the perfect combination for combatting this. I've just teamed these with my good old trusty  Zara city bag,  ASOS western belt and my  Old Skool Vans, which are legit never off my feet.

Have you found any bargains from the summer sales?
Thanks for reading, J x

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